I Know Future

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A series of murder is happening in a city and only one man knows who is the murderer, but only to find out he is ignorant about his knowledge of who is the murderer...

Submitted: July 06, 2008

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Submitted: July 06, 2008



“Did you got something?” asks one Policeman. The other one, “No. Not yet. No clues at all. I think the murderer is very intelligent.” First one, “Ya, Ya. Today even intelligent persons are engaged in such activities.” Second one looking at one of the photo frame on a wall, “Not even finger print is there. I think it is a perfectly planned murder.” First one, “May be. Today this family conflict for money, property has raised much.” Second one, “Let’s go now. Let’s see what forensics experts have to say.” First one looking at the house number board, “House Number 13. Very Unlucky.” Second one, “Stop it now.”

They went out the house closing the door and ask other police officers to seal the house.


Next day morning they arrived at the same house. They go to the house next to the murder house. One police officer reads house number board, “Jack Hughman. House number 14.”  Second one pushes the switch of the bell, “Tring Tring, Tring Tring.” Sound comes from inside the house. First one, “Uh! It sounds like Telephone ring.” Second one, “Today people are really mad. They do not hesitate to try wild things.” Jack awakes, stands from the bed, steps his feet into slippers and head towards the door. Door opens and Jack sees two police officers and asks, “What can I do for you?” First one, “We are here for general enquiry for the murder next door.” Jack, “Sure. Please come in.” The two police officers enter the house. They see some red liquid on the floor. First one gets there and examines. Jack, “It’s just sauce. When I was just coming to open the door, my hand touched the bottle on the table and it dropped and all sauce spread all over the floor. First officers takes it in hand and smells it and then tastes it. “Good. Which company’s sauce you use?” Second one, “Officer we are not here to enquire about the sauce?” First officer, “It tastes good so I thought--.” Second one examines his house with suspicious look. The house has a horrible look. On one wall different types and sizes knifes are hooked. Exactly opposite to that wall sword is hooked  on another wall. On the adjacent wall a picture is placed which is picture of war – Most soldiers are died and all over blood is spread, while some soldiers are standing showing victory sign. First one, “We would like to see your house.” Jack, “Sure.” Both officers examines the house. All rooms have same look like hall. In all rooms curtains are spread and no light comes from outside. First one, “Strange. Are you not bored of it? Having same look in all rooms?” Jack, “It just gives me motivation.” First one, “What kind of motivation? Of a murder?” Jack, “Yes. I write murder mysteries and having such environment I am able to create horrifying environment.” Second one, “Can you tell me something about the person who is murdered last night? “ Jack, “I have no idea about it. I was out last night. I was having appointment with my publisher last night.” First one, “At night which publisher works?” Jack, “Ms. Shirlee, Editor of McWrite Books.” First smiles, “I understand what type of meeting it was.” Second one sees him with strange look and signing him to stop. Second one, “Thank you, Sir. If any need require then we see you again.” Jack, “No problem. Anytime. It’s our responsibility to help police.” The two police officers get out of the house. They look at the house suspiciously then sit in their car and drive off.


The report of the forensics experts had come. It is clean and clear. A new police officer is appointed to handle the case – Mark Lawson. Intelligent and sharp memory person. He visits Jack Hughman’s house. He pushes the bell’s switch; sound comes from inside the house, “Tring, Tring.” Mark, “Strange. Very strange.” Door opens. Jack is glad to see Mark. He invited Mark inside his house. They both takes sit. Mac takes a look of the hall, “Nice collections of knifes.” Jack changing conversations “It is been long time to see you. Where you have been?” “I was in other state. I am appointed to handle the case of the murder next door. What are you doing? Any new releases? I read your last release ‘A lost man’. It was interesting. Adventure one.” Jack, “Yes. It got huge success. I had not expected it.” Mark, “It has to be. It is a great story and takes us high in the sky.” Jack, “Now stop it. Please. Would you like to have something?” There Mark’s mobile rings. He sees the LCD screen of the mobile, sees the number and picks the phone. Mark on the phone, “Yes sir. I am coming.” Mark to Jack, “May be next time. I have to go now. I have a meeting with my head. Anyways I am coming tomorrow again here, I have to examine the murder house. See you soon.” Jack, “Bye. Take care.” Mark goes out of the house, sit in the car and drives.


Night. The same society. The pathway seems empty and horrible. No one seems outside roaming or even peeking out of their houses. Wind is blowing softly and some leaves separated from their trees are flying here and there with the wind. The wind is making whistling sound as it blows through narrow paths between the houses or someone’s window, if any open. In one house, a window is open at the upper floor and one person is sitting at the window and watching at a tree outside his house. It looks like tree is dancing and leaves of the trees are all singing together. The sky looks beautiful, clean and clear. Although some clouds are roaming blocking moon light frequently, covering it and uncovering it. He looks in the sky and then at the ground behind the tree. He imagines someone but then thinks it might me his illusion. He shuts of the window and then lights shut up.


It’s midnight. The pathway looks like a blackout is called off. In no house lights are on. One person comes from outside the society. It seems he is drunk. He walks falling sometimes on right and sometimes left, tries to balance himself but not a great effort to get success. He falls down rolling near one house gate. A person from the house comes out as he hears some sound. “Are you alright?” Drunk man holding the gate of the house and that person’s support stands up, tries to speak, “Yes man. Just trying to hide myself from moon. But its light strucks me everywhere.” “I take you.” He supports him and takes him in his house. Gate closes and then again complete silence takes over.


Morning. Newspaper headline – “A second murder in the same society. House number 26. The killer has not taken even a little mercy on the person.” Mark arrives at the murder house. He inspects the house, examines it properly and shakes his head. “Very clean and clear.” Blood is spread all over the room. Wrist of the murdered person is cut. Dead body bordered and taken for the postmortem. Whole room inspected and examined very closely, but they did not get a single clue. It was obvious that murder was done with some sharp weapon something like knife. All done. Mac and his fellow officers leave the house.

Mac visits the house next to the murder house. Door bell switch is pushed. One man comes and opens the door. Mac taking out his identity card, “Police. I just want to do some general enquiry about the murder which had happened in the house next to yours.” That person with some horrified expression on his face, “Yes.” Mac, “Can you say when did you meet him last time I mean at what time?” “I did not meet him yesterday. Yes, I saw him at late night from my window and we just exchanged little smile and then he closed his window and I closed mine. Mac, “Did he have any enemy here in this society or you think anybody suspicious you know any of his relative”. Person, “I don’t think so. He was very generous to all in the society and regarding his family enemy I do not know anything”. Mac, “Thank you for your cooperation”. Mac comes out of the house. Mac is outside the house, last time he sees the house and sits in the car. Car drives.


Night. Mac visits Jack. Jack opening the door, “Welcome, Mr. Officer.” Mac enters the house. Jack asks him to relax and go for something chill to serve to Mac. “So, have you started your murder mystery?” asks Mac. “Yes.” replies Jack. “What have you written?” asks Mac. “Yet I had described these two murders. I haven’t yet written original in this story.” says Jack. Jack cleans his hand. Mac looks at his hand which was covered in blood. Mac worryingly, “What happen?” Jack with pain, “I just cut of my hand while cutting vegetables.” Mac, “Let me bring you something.” Jack, “No. Please. I will be OK.” But Mac goes in the kitchen, he looks around. The kitchen is as clean as it is not been used in a day. Mac opens the fridge and takes out spray. “Let me see you where did you cut of.” Mac. “There were no vegetables in the kitchen and nor in the fridge and as well I didn’t see any knife.” Jack stunned looks at him, “I was just going to cut them but then put them in the fridge as I cut my hand.” Mac looks at him and at the knife collections. One knife is missing from that collection. “Jack one knife is missing from that collection” Mac. There Mac’s mobile rings. Mac picks it up. Mac on the phone, “Hello!”. From the phone voice comes, “Sir, one more murder at House number 39.” Mac, “Shit. This murderer will ever let me relax.” “What happened?” asks Jack. “One more murder at house number 39.” says Mac. “Let’s go.” says Jack. They go to the murder house. Mac examines the dead body and house. The dead body has still knife stabbed in his body. Mac takes a look at it. “Jack see this is the same knife which had lost from your collection.” Mac. Jack examines it, “No. It’s not that. My one has a different shape.” Mac, “Jack I suspect you.” “Me? You think I am a murderer? How can you?” “Then what this knife is doing here?” Mac. “I told you that’s not mine. You want to check it. Then let’s go to my house.” Jack is calm and quiet. They both leave the house. House is sealed and guards are appointed. They both go to Jack’s house. Mac takes out the collection and examines them. He takes out all knifes. “Satisfied?” Jack embarrassed and angry. “Until now I was calm and quiet but this thing. I am really upset.” “See. I am a police officer. That’s my duty. Duty to suspect.” “I know that. Don’t worry I am fine. I was just trying to act seriously, but you know me. Actually I am writing story so I was imagining a situation like this so I tried to act like. Otherwise, you know me better.” Mac annoyed, “You think it’s funny.” They both look at each other and laughs.


Morning. Newspaper headlines, “One more murder. City seems under threat. Police is not able to control the serial killer.” Mac reads the headlines. He is much tensed. He is feeling pressure. Public and media are asking questions, but he doesn’t have a single answer to their questions. Phone rings in the office. Voice comes from the phone, “Sir, one more murder in the same society at house number 52.” Mac puts cap on his head and runs for inspection of the murder. He reaches house number 52. Once again, murderer is one-step ahead of them. He had left no clues. It seems murderer is not a simple killer. Mac goes mad about it. There Jack arrives there and takes Mac to his house. He makes him relax and goes to take something cold drink for them. While Mac takes one notebook placed on the table and reads its title, “I Know Future”.  Mac, “Jack, have you completed your story.” Jack, “Almost. Only climax is to be finished.” Mac, “Should I read it.” Jack, “Sure. Murderer is to be exposed yet.” Jack comes with a pepsi tin in his hand. Mac takes it from Jack, opens and takes one sip. Jack is busy with magazine, while Mac reads the story. As he reads the story, he asks Jack, “Jack, when you have written this story.” Jack, “Last week. Why?” Mac, “Have you noticed something? All the murders took placed at the same place and same time as you had described in your story.” Jack, “So what? It may be some coincidence.” Mac, “I do not think so.” Jack, “You think fifth murder will take place at the place mentioned in my story, that’s stupid. But if you want then, Ok, we can try it.” Mac, “Let’s do it. We will catch the murderer this time.” Jack, “If this proves Jackpot then I will say, ‘I KNOW FUTURE’.”


House number 65. Fifth murder is going to happen here. All set. Mac alerts all guards. They are in the house. House owner is alerted. Three officers are in the house as servant, while some outside house hiding at the places from where they can reach the murderer as fast as possible. Mac and Jack are in the house at second floor. They are hidden.  Mac, “All alert.” Mac watching from balcony, he sees one person coming towards the house. That person enters the house.  House owner opens the door. Person, “Hello sir! My name is Rick. I am sales representative from Sharp knifes. Are you interested in it?” Mac through earphones, “Sir, let him enter the house. I suspect he may be the killer.” House owner lets him in. Rick sits and starts showing different types and different size knifes. While explaining one of knifes characteristics, he tries to stab in the house owner’s neck, but house owner already alert slips from him. Mac calls all officers and killer is arrested. But, killer too strong slips from their hands, punching them runs towards the house owner, Mac shoots at his leg, unfortunately it hits his stomach. Killer dies on the spot.


Morning. Newspaper headlines, “The murder mystery case solved. Yesterday the killer tried to kill the owner of the house number 65 in the same society where all four murders took place. Police arrested the killer first, but when killer went out of control police shoot at him and he died on the spot. On further inspection and inquiry, it was known that the killer was a professor of psychology at St. Martins College. Other professors told the police that he was suffering from some severe psychological disease. Sometimes he used to beat the students badly. We had complaints from many students, but we were helpless.” “At last case got solved.”


Mac, “Jack! Thanks to your story. Without this I may not have solved this story. I think you know future.” Jack, “Yeah, I Know Future.” They both sit and relax.

© Copyright 2018 gauravrpanchal. All rights reserved.

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