The Letter - By Gaurav R Panchal

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A journalist, helps a couple to fight bad times and bring the wife of the man to normal life - happy leaving and leaves them without informing to his town.

Submitted: June 25, 2008

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Submitted: June 25, 2008



“Dear Mom & Dad, How are you? I am absolutely fine here. I had recently got new job in a news company. They had appointed me as a reporter and I will be covering city news. So, that’s it. I do not have anything more to tell now. May be somedays latter. Ok, then. Bye. See you. I will writing another letter very soon. Take care. Yours loving son, William.” I sign the letter and put it in an envelope. Waiter comes towards me, “Anything more sir?” I look at him, smiling, “No, thanks, just bring me the bill please.” He brings the bill and after payment, I leave the café. Entering the building, letter falls down and waves away with to air. One lady picks it up and gives it to me. “Thank you” words comes out from my mouth. She smiles and gets away on her way. In the evening, while opening the door of my flat, the door of the flat next to me opens. The lady who, I met in the morning comes out. She looks at me, “Hi! So you live here.” “Oh yes.” “But I have never seen you before. When did you shift here?” “2 months. Actually I am out most of the time. I leave it in the early morning and return late in the night.” She asks, “What do you do?” “I am a city reporter for the CT News.” “Ok fine.” There one man comes out of her flat. She introduces him, “Oh bye the way, he is my husband Mac.” “And you?” “Oh sorry, my name is Shirlie.” And then went into their home.


Next day was my birthday and also a Sunday, I rolled the calendar it shows the date-21 June, 2004, so I was having plan to share it with some friend if anyone is free. But then decided to ask Mac and Shirlie, would they like to spend day with me. I push the bell switch. Mac opens the door. “Hi, Are you both free today.” “Oh Yes. Just we were planning to go to club and have some fun.” “Actually I was feeling very boring today. Unfortunately today is my birthday and I thought may I get someone to spend the day with. So I just came to ask you both. But you have some different plans, its ok.” “Oh today is your birthday, Happy Birthday. Today is also Shirlie’s birthday too. Then we can altogether have fun. Let’s do one thing, get ready, we will got to our club, then have lunch, the movie and then dinner.” “Oh! Wow, that will be fun for us. Really I miss my parents much, but today will be great with you.” We all went to club, played different games for some time, then have lunch, then went to movie and then dinner. The whole day was lots of fun. We reached, shared good night and went to our home and slept. In the morning, somewhat around 4 am, door bell rang, I wake up and open the door. Mac is standing at the door, “William, I think Shirlie has got some problem in the stomach and she is under very much pain, can you help me.” We took the car out and went to hospital. After sometime of admitting, “See, Mr. Mac. You need to take care of her. You have to let her here for 1 week. We have to take care of food very much. She has to remain only on fruits and juices. Its that ok. I will be back soon for her check-up again.” We sit near her. Mac looks weak. I hold him, “Mac, please, everything will be ok. She will be fine. She just needs to take care of some simple things. And I am always with you. Ok. Now cheer up.”


In the morning I come up with some flowers and fruits. Shirlie is already came out of sleep. Mac is sitting with her. “Hi! How are you feeling now?” She looks stale and weak. “Much better now from tomorrow.” I sit near Mac, “Mac, this is for her.” “William?” he looks at me with a questionable look. “My dear friend, if she is your wife, then my sister. So she is also my responsibility to take care of her. So, now for one week all basic things I will be taking care of and you have to just with her. And please fast give your office number, I will tell them that you will be not be available for one week.” “But Williams, they will not allow me.” I look at him and show him my reporter’s ID card, “Mac, this thing can do anything for help of people. So just don’t worry.” She smiles, “Thanks Williams.” I went out of the room and look at them from the door glass. They look happy.


Next day again I went to them with some fruits and juices. “Hi! How are you feeling now?” She smiles. Her face has improved. “Fine. And why not? You are doing so much for me.” Some seriousness comes on my face. “No. I am doing it just for my happiness, my satisfaction. I like to see people happy. I love to see smiles on them.” I look down, then towards the window, “I always wanted to tell people, tell people about me, my feelings, but never did it. I always wanted to people hear me, but again I never open myself. But now time has change for me I have open myself much from past and now people listen to me, I am speaking and yes, I am satisfied.” I look at them, they seem serious, I start laughing, “Don’t be serious, life is meant to be happy. Just cheer up. And free your mind. Remember one thing life, if you get stuck in some difficult position and not able to solve it, just say these three words, “Free Your Mind” and you will be top of this world.” They look into my eyes, I just try to make myself normal, “Ok, then bye. See you soon.”


This process continued for next 5 days of going to hospital and helping Mac and Shirlie. On the fifth day I went there. As I enter, Mac gives me hug. “Thank you very much, for being with us. Doctor has gone just before a minute. He told us everything is fine and we leave today evening.” Smiles comes on my face. “Oh, that’s a great news. Then I will come in the evening to pick you up. Ok.” In the evening we leave the hospital. We set at the home, “Mac-Shirlie, So, I am going to home, if any problem occurs, please call me. Ok. Bye.” I leave.


They unpacked their luggage which they had taken for hospital. From that, one letter drops, on behind of that my name is written. “Shirlie, I think by mistake Williams has forgotten his letter, I just come in a moment, gave to him.” He comes my home but sees lock, then returns. “Mac, did you give it to him.” “No. His flat is locked.” “Oh yes, he is a city reporter, so might be some work may be there.” Next day in the morning, at 9 am, my flat opens, one lady comes out of it. At the same time, Mac comes out of his flat. He holds my letter, “Excuse me Mam,” he comes towards my flat, “William had yesterday forgot his letter with us, so please give to him and tell him Thank you for being with us. I just don’t want to disturb him.” She looks at him. A question mark is seen on her face. She smiles and takes hold of the letter. She asks him, “How do you know William?” “We met last Saturday, then on Sunday we became good friends, on Sunday night my wife got some problem and he had helped us for one week. Yesterday we came together home and by mistake his letter came to our luggage.” He looks at her, “Where is William?” She tolds, “Oh! Sorry, he just leaved yesterday night, he got transferred.” Mac looks somewhat sad. “Oh! We both, I mean me and my wife want to have a dinner with him. We wanted to say him Thanks.” Lady smiles, “Just don’t worry, you feel good for him and he got his reward.” She goes inside. She looks at the photograph and smiles, “you did it”, tears comes from her eyes. Under the photograph it is written, “William, From, 21 June 1960 to 30 August 2000.” Lady goes to the window and looks at the sky.

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