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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
I rarely do poems that rhyme but i gave it a go in this one. Its about trying to get a girl that is way out of your league and ends up liking you.

Submitted: January 09, 2009

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Submitted: January 09, 2009



Stars dot the sky, a bitter night,
i feel the wind and the frosts bite,
the chill of the dead light.

I climb a mountain, with a ragged road,
decieving, like an unbreakable code.

My limbs are heavy, i climb with feeble hope,
my mind tends to wonder if i will cope.
My feet move but i barely take heed,
an attempt of happiness by a man in need,
an effort that forces my heart to bleed.

My eyes look up to a future covered in cloud,
am i another face in the crowd?
The reality keeps my head bowed.

My knees go weak, the thoughts of sucess!
I could be the king to a queen in a game of chess.

I see a break in the cloud , a fire lights my eyes,
my determination to break a barrier,
like seeing the moon in distant skies.
I accept a passion i can no longer deny.

The road levels, i have a chance!
One more look and i could dance.

The mountain whispers, she promises me joy,
a blinding light of hope i am tricked to enjoy.

I smell an air i know i can never forget,
a scent so rich, no evil could threat.

Several strides and i have made the summit,
my heart so far up my throat, all it could do is plummet.

My goal is reached and i wait for the feeling to hit.
It soon begins, a feeling so intense, my heart could split.

The mountain speaks to me and tears flow from my face,
like listening to an angels song, with its undeniable grace.

My love loves me and she is my all,
my love is now as deep as the mountain is tall.

© Copyright 2019 Gavin Buckley. All rights reserved.

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