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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A video game Creepy pasta

I should start off by saying that I am an avid lover of Creepypastas, especially when they relate to video games.  I haven’t made any of my own as of yet, simply because I haven’t had any ideas for one.  But recently I found my inspiration.


I was coming home from school on a Friday afternoon, extremely excited for the long weekend as we had Monday off.  I had some money in my pockets from saved allowance and my route home took me past the local Game Stop, so I decided I would look for something new to add to my collection of Gameboy Advanced games.  I stepped through the door and was immediately greeted by Aren, a friend of mine who’s only one year older than me. 

Once we had exchanged our usual pleasantries, I began looking through the new games on the shelves at each side of the glass counter full of used games.  Seeing nothing that I really wanted, I started looking through the games in the counter.  Once again I was disappointed, but just as I was about to leave, Aren pointed out a game on the far right side.  He took it out of the container handed it over.  I inspected it, and it looked normal enough, but I didn’t recognize the game itself.  Intrigued I purchased it and took it home, inspecting if further as I went along.

No matter how hard I looked I could find nothing wrong with the game.  The Nintendo seal of approval was in the upper right hand corner, and the picture was a very happy rendition of a group of people holding up the title, which was “Derasia”.

I got home and dropped off my backpack in its usual place by the couch and rushed off to my room to try out the new game.  I took out my bright green painted Gameboy, and the game in it already, a copy of “Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past”, and put in “Derasia”.I turned on the game and sat on my bed.  The title, much like the picture on the game cartridge, depicted a group of people holding up the title.  The music was very calm and I immediately recognized it as fantasy music. 

I continued playing, and found that none of the slots had anything saved in them.  This disappointed me as some of my favorite creepypastas had included save files.  I began playing the game, which was to my surprise a turn based strategy game like the original Final Fantasy games.  I played through, and everything seemed very normal.  I played for hours, only stopping for dinner and chores.  I enjoyed the game immensely, and I got all of the characters up to a very high level.  My favorite of course was Kelneran, an elven cleric/healer.

I put away the game so that I could go to sleep.  My dreams were all pleasant, but I had a strange feeling, like someone was watching me.  Indeed, whenever I would look around to see just what was watching me, I would only catch a glimpse of a bare-chested figure wearing dark baggy pants with scars down his cheek and arm.  As soon as I would notice him however, he would simply disappear behind a building or wall.  I woke up at almost 3:00 in the morning.  No matter what I did , I simply couldn’t return to sleep, so instead I grabbed my Gameboy and turned it on.

I loaded up my save file and began moving east on the map.  I found a solitary beach on the map.  I decided to explore the beach, and soon I found a small cave.  I love going into caves and coming out rich from them, so I jumped in without question.  The cave was dark so I used my mages “brighten” ability to light it up.  What I saw next was very exciting, and kind of scary.  The textures of the walls were more realistic than the other textures I’d seen in the game, and the walls were lined with treasure chests.  But the most defining feature of the cave was the bodies on the floor.  They too were more realistic than other sprites in the game, and a few were grotesquely mangled, as if someone had dismembered them and spread them across the floor.

My creepypasta knowledge kicked in, and I thought about turning off the Gameboy and throwing away the cartridge, but morbid curiosity got the better of me and I continued through the cave.  A squelching noise went through my headphones as I stepped over the bodies, and I tried to avoid them.  Occasionally I thought I could see shadows moving near the dead bodies, but when I looked I could see nothing.  I moved to the next room after collecting the treasures to find it yet another dark passage.  Once again I used “brighten”, but this time, I saw a figure for a brief moment before the passage was fully lit.  I continued into the room, but suddenly my character shivered, as if slightly frightened.  I continued going through the cave, in this manor, each room seaming like the last, but with slight changes, such as body position and form of mutilation.  My character also seemed to grow physically more and more disturbed, and even once seemed to turn towards me and point back, as if he knew what was further in the cave and didn’t want to continue.

In the fourth room, there were no bodies, but blood spelled out the words “Go Back! Before it’s too late!”, though the words seemed smudged, as if someone had tried to remove them.  I stopped for many long moments, contemplating if I should continue or just turn off the game and try to go back to sleep.  But I kept moving, wanting to see what was at the end of this cave.

Soon I came to another room that was completely pitch black, and though my mage was at full mana, I couldn’t cast “brighten”.  I could barely see my character, but I moved further into the room.  Suddenly a figure appeared in the darkness and a slowed down and glitched version of the combat music began to play.  My dread only increase when I realized that the figure I was fighting was the figure from my dreams, only slightly pixalized.  The name below its health bar only said “the Killer”  I prepared to cast a spell from my cleric, but before I could finish, a text box appeared saying, “I don’t think so…” the figure rushed my cleric and began to kill him a  gruesome way.  I tried to attack him with my other characters but the same thing happened.

I had no characters left, and though I expected a Game Over screen, Once again my creepypasta knowledge jumped in telling me to shut off the game, but all attempts I made were met with failure.  My dread reached its height as the sprite turned towards me began to walk slowly towards me.  A dreadfull laughter came from the Gameboy, getting more realistic as the character came closer.  I could only stare in horror, until I realized that the room was still dark.  Something about this struck me as odd, then suddenly it clicked.  The only way to defeat this horror was to turn on a light to break the darkness the person dwelled in.  I quickly reached for my lamp as the character reached the screen and began to reach towards me. 

“You don’t scare me.”  I said shakily, trying to act brave, though I didn’t know why.  The character on the screen simply laughed and said “Foolish Mortal”, but still paused a moment, as if my words shocked him.  At this moment I flipped on the light.  The figure was fully illuminated, as if the light were somehow merging with the game world.  The killer shrieked and slunk back into the screen covering his eyes.  My cleric began to rise as the light seemed to bring him back from the dead.  A voice that I had never heard before came from the cleric as he cast a spell to raise the spirits of the dead in the cave.

Suddenly realistic mist flooded the screen as the spirits took hold of the killer.  With almost 10 at each limb, including his head, the spirits began to pull, until one by one the limbs were ripped off in a horrific scene of violence, though there was no blood and instead the limbs disappeared into a black cloud which the cleric dissipated with a spell of cleansing.  Once the horrific scene had ended, the battle scene ended.  The room was well lit now, but the spirits were still standing around.

One of the figures stepped forward as the cleric and a few of the spirits brought back the others.

“Thank you.”  The spirit said.  A long dialogue started detailing the killer, who for almost a decade and killed many people until he was finally killed in a cave much like the one the player was in.  He had somehow found a way to stay rooted to the world by attaching his soul to a game cartridge that had been part of one of his many “trophies”.  Through the game he had been able to continue killing, making each case seem like a heart attack, and then the cartridge would re-locate to another store to wait for his next victim.  Unfortunately every one of his victims, both from his living and his dying world, were trapped in the game with him to re-live their deaths until someone came along that could end the curse.

Through my actions, I had ended that curse and now the spirits were free.  With that, the spirits evaporated and the Gameboy simply turned off.  When I turned it back on and re-loaded my save, I was on the beach again, but this time, no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find the cave again. 

From that day on, nothing strange happened with the game.  I had contemplated taking a hammer to it, but it was still a fun game.  The cartridge and the title were altered from that day on, only saying the name of the game, but held up by the main characters instead of the other characters that had originally been there.  I made many new save files but never found the cave again, and I don’t believe I will.

Submitted: December 26, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Gavin Emerson. All rights reserved.

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This was really good! It was a nice read, and great creativity. One thing about it was that ending about killing "the Killer", in Creepypastas you don't really see the main baddies dying, but still a great story!

Wed, January 23rd, 2013 3:06pm

Gavin Emerson

Well I watch these guys on Youtube called SomeOrdinaryGamers, and they do a series called haunted gameing. I saw a lot of creepy pastas there, and the guy narrating the creepypastas would give a small review at the end. I just tried to mix it up and not use too many cliches.

I really need to cut down my explanations...

I'm glad you like it!

Wed, January 23rd, 2013 3:34pm

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