Love Is, Holding Him Close

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Part two in the "Love Is," mini series.

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



Rain fell down heavily, thunder boomed, and lightning lit up the dark sky. Joel held his arm around me as we watch TV. Nothing was really on, so I payed more attention to the sounds of the storm. Joel laughed at something on the TV, which wasn't at all, but I love his laugh. As the night goes on, I start moving my hand down to Joel's inner thigh. He doesn't saw anything, but by the way his bulge grows, I can tell he likes it. Then he turns and grabs me by the hair, our lips meet and turn into a kiss of lust.

I turn and sit on top of Joel as we still hold our lips together. He helps me take off my shirt, then I help him with his. I place my hands on his chest and rub down his body, my fingers falling into the depths of his muscular body. Joel moves his hands down to my boxers and rubs his hands on my ass. I unbutton his pants and pull down his boxer slightly to hold onto his eight inches that I am starved for. He slides off my pants and boxers, holds onto me, and puts me up against a wall.

“How about it, Stud?” His whispers give me goosebumps, “I give you the best fuck yet.”

I wrap my legs around his waist and push his pants and boxers to the ground, “Stick it in.”

When his cock enters me, I moan to the sound of thunder. Joel trusts upwards, sending shivers up my spine. I hold my arms around his neck when he slams his hands on the wall and begins to thrusts as deep as he can.

We look deep in each others eyes, “Joel...Oh god. That's-” I let out a moan that makes him spank the side of my ass. Joel then grabs onto my ass with both of his hands and walks over to the couch. When he sits down, I circle my hips, filling the house with the sounds of Joel's cries of pleasure. I move back and forth while Joel pounds me and we share a moaning kiss.

I lay on my stomach and as soon as Joel's cock penetrates me, he began to thrusts as he could. He pulled in close and put his arms under mine and fucked me slow and deep. I reach back to hold onto his ass and spread his cheeks. I enter my right middle finger into his ass and he whispers in my eye that he loves it.

“Payton, I'm getting close!” He moans.

Joel gives a few more quick and deep thrusts, and pulls out. His hot load shots up on my back. I turn my head to kiss him and stroke his cock to wipe up the rest of his cum and wipe it on my hole.

“Joel, I love you.” I say

He spanks me, “I love you too, Stud.” He puts on his clothes and looks at the clock, “Oh, hey. I need to run this check over to my brothers, go get cleaned up and when I get home, we'll have some more fun.” And he walked out the door.


I was in the shower for about ten minutes when the phone rang. I wrapped a towel around myself and went into the kitchen to answer it. When I picked it up, it was Joel's younger brother, Logan. He sounded like he had been crying and the words that left his mouth, sent my heart into the pit of my stomach. I kept the phone to my ear for five silent minutes before hanging it up. I walked into the bathroom and stared into the mirror, water building in my eyes.

Joel was in a car wreck and died on impact. Joel never saw the other car run the red light.

I cried my heart out.

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