reality hurts

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a peersonal experience

Submitted: July 04, 2008

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Submitted: July 04, 2008



Life's experiences  often alter personalities and generatecomplexes-superior and inferior. Having had a marriage of my choice I have often been rebuked and compared to  the other so called successfuls. Bound by the  responsibilities of in laws and then my own child......I couldn't fly though I had the wings. But time did fly past and today when I see youngsters accomplishing a  great  job  or  a superb  education , I often feel  jealous  of  them  or  may be  too  inferior  to  them. My  own brother never thought of family and family ties.....and did what he was capable of and wished for.......the he's counted among the  achievers.  But I....who always put the ease  of  the  family  and  family duties  and  responsibilities  in the  forefront,  relegating  my own  aspirations  at the back of my stand nowhere.....near  the successful  people. I am perplexed and feel  lowwhen  I think , is a heavy  pay packet  and an easy  access to the amenities  , a right scale to success??my mind  often  revolts  emphatically  but  there's  no  evidence  to support  it.I feel extremely  inferior... 

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