Does Technology Lead to Excess?

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The modern age we live in provides lots of conveniences but how is this new lifestyle affecting us as people?

Submitted: October 25, 2012

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Submitted: October 25, 2012



There's no question about it modern technology is on a fast track into the future. The speed and accuracy of electronic components provides numerous avenues for development and financial opportunities. The convenience of searching being the World Wide Web is phenomenal. Placing product orders online right from the comfort of your easy chair has never been so much easier. Accessing cyberspace can be like browsing a whole new universe. One would think with such power and speed mankind would relish in the lap of luxury when it comes to modern technology however there is always a but.

Technology has increased at a blazing speed unfortunately the human being is still the same old human being that we have always been which is to say we are not cyborgs at least not yet. We have frailties in that we can only process so much information at a time and should these physical laws that we live under as far as our physical makeup is concerned can bring about detrimental consequences.

The above website talks about stress being a normal part of life unless you get too much of it which can result in a number of physical ills for the person to include heart disease, hypertension. A recommendation would be to move oneself to a calmer environment and to get plenty of exercise. Perhaps the violence we have been seeing in our modern society stems from the culmination of stress we are all placed under daily as a result of living in modern times.

Building up of stress can begin with being on the Internet and having to click off advertisement ads time and time again. Let's add to the fact that when we are doing a search, typing in a exactly what is required will bring about a mountain of junk that one has to plow through in hopes of finding what they're after. The buildup of stress can come from wanting to purchase one single item and being told you have to create an account for something you will never buy from that proprietor again. Stress can also come from giving businesses, companies all the information they require of you and you not know any more than maybe their website.

As human beings we will continue to move forward in technology however I am certain the stress level will not decrease but rather increase for there is a real possibility that the movie titled "I Robot-played by Will Smith." May surely one day become a reality. But it is not the technology which scares me it is how mankind uses the technology, that is absolutely terrifying.

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