Gun Permit For Concealed Weapons

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Is gun permits for concealed weapons really the best solution to personal protection? Are we opening up a Pandora's box in our effort to address this issue?

Submitted: December 14, 2012

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Submitted: December 14, 2012



It would appear that Illinois is the only state where people are not allowed to carry concealed weapons at least for the moment for the courts have suggested they'd have 180 days to come up with a law permitting such action.

Florida however is proud of the fact that they have about 1,000,000 people with concealed weapons permit ready to take action.

You know I believe in people protecting themselves and if their life is threatened I also feel that if the need for deadly force is required they should be allowed to protect themselves. Unfortunately when it comes to human beings very every little is cut and dry. We complexed beings that often don't often do the right things. The idea of giving so many people concealed weapons permit in order to solve one problem only generates another problem. By initializing the wild wild West experience have we considered the gunfights in the streets of America will have stray bullets flying into vehicles passing by? Will road rage now be measured by body count? Here's a scenario what if you're walking down the street minding your own business and some stranger is following you around and in an isolated spot between two buildings one of you winds up with a bullet in the chest but only the survivor knows the truth.

It seems to me that the proliferation of guns, weapons has got us to this point in our solution to the problem is to add even more weapons to the problem. How is it that only solution most of the time is to escalate violence? It is an absolute miracle that we have not destroyed ourselves yet with all the weapons and violence we generate. The desire to create and use nuclear weapons has made this planet expendable. We may not focus on it but every day people live with the threat of the destruction of this planet.

With close to 1,000,000 people packing weapons is anyone certain they really want to get into a heated debate? You know with the Columbine shooting these two kids at least had to go and get that weapons but if one has a gun at the ready will they've refrain from using it during a moment when they feel disrespected? April 16 2007 was the day of the Virginia Tech massacre where Seung-Hui Cho student shot and killed 32 people and also wounded 17. This incident called into question USA gun laws and gun violence.

It is a horrible legacy that the most intelligent beings in the universe can place a man on the moon and explore the planet Mars but right here on our home planet we are incapable of developing a society or world filled with peace and harmony.

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