Mass Murder in America AGAIN

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How long are we Americans going to pretend like we don't have a problem? Senseless murder in America is on the rise. When it comes to human relationships it seems quite apparent that here in America we a not doing something right.

Submitted: December 14, 2012

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Submitted: December 14, 2012



Elementary school massacre with over 26 dead which includes 18 kids December 14, 2012 in the elementary school Newtown, Connecticut. The 20-year-old gunman came to the elementary school with Guns in Hand. Gunman killing in America has become an epidemic. It is time some truth be told about those who love guns. It would appear no matter how horrific a killing or murder has taken place we hear the whining about don't take my guns away, endlessly let me keep my guns apparently these people walk around with blinders on and too selfish to relinquish that which is causing the most problem their guns. Do these selfish people who hang on to the desire to have their guns believe that the founding fathers of the United States Constitution did not have to give up, sacrifice in order to come up with a document worth presenting to the people? In order for a society to exist we need to toss out this selfish mindset as adults mimicking 2 years old babies.

There is a lot wrong with America and it's time we stop pointing the finger at this are that because if you want to know where the real problem is someone once said "Start with the Man in the Mirror." From my perspective it seems as though we as Americans or at least some of us have lost our ability to feel. We report horrific tragedies such as these as cavalier as we report the weather.

When situations such as mass murder and because we've had so many of them I would like to focus on some specific excuses, such as the person may have been upset or their diaper was in changed frequently enough when they were a child. Any or all of that may be true however the more serious problem is a society, a country that fosters an environment where killing innocent men, women and children has become routine, this says there is something seriously wrong with that society and or that country.

Whether we Americans wants to admit it or not we have been predicated towards violence for a very long time. We have brought about this idea and attitude of macho behavior. We see it in the sports we support and watch. What pray tell are these activities of which I speak well let's just say the ballet isn't on the top of the list nor is Opera but how about sports like boxing, UFC, football, MMA and let's not forget hockey all violent sports which we love. There are some who are not sports fans but we Americans can get our adrenaline rush vicariously because we are fascinated with criminals and the criminal mind. It alway perplexed me that no matter how heinous the crime is we want to make every effort to make sure that the criminal is treated with the utmost care and respect. In courtrooms we defend barbaric behavior, we defend malicious behavior and we defend outrageous behavior in a short we defend EVIL!

I do not consider myself a profit however I'm certain that the ills of evil we are facing today will remain with us until we get up off our collective behinds and start acting better towards one another than we have been.

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