Who Bears the Burden for America's Violence?

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It is time for America's wake-up call. Too long we have basked in the ignorance that we are a country with declining statistics on violence as making a safe citizens. Creating "Stand Your Ground", numerous "concealed weapon permits" is a stark indication citizens do not feel safe in America.

Newtown, Connecticut horrific tragedy has brought us back to the basic the question "How Could This Have Happened?" How could this have happened, it has happened so many times before. For years people have pounded their chest and some has vilified spiritual believers. Clearly there are some one would call religious fanatics, misguided individuals which I am certain mainstream religious groups do not support. Yet and still there are those who say we do not need of religion at all, we have "science and logic". My question then is how is science and logic going to fix this since it hasn't fixed the mass killings in the past?

I keep hearing people say that the issue like Newtown massacre lies in the hands of the president. The senseless murders have been going on long before this president ever got into the White House. The president should be the catalyst for addressing tragedies such as this however the president is the president for the people and it is the people who have allowed this condition to go on for as long as it happens. We are the ones who need to take the lead in ending the mindset that it is okay to randomly murder innocent men women and children. Our silence when we have befriended someone or know of a relative that have these loony tune ideas that taking automatic weapons and mowing down people is an acceptable solution to a problem means we are contributing to this problem. Remaining silent when we know someone is bullying someone else also contributes to the conditions we are setting up for someone to be hurt. The president is not an emperor or a king we the people should be leading by example as to how we want our country and our society to be ran!

Laws and regulations are Never going to fix this problem. Ending this problem is not going to go away overnight for we have allowed it to exist for too long but if we expect it to end at all we had better begin right now.

Something to consider:

With laws such as "concealed weapon permits" and the "stand your ground law" what is the likelihood that innocent bystanders may be harmed once the shooting starts to erupt? Assuming it is the defender whose bullet struck an innocent person how then will they be charged if at all?


Submitted: December 16, 2012

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