Light and dark part 1

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Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



They clashed in the twilight. One was dressed in death's cloak the other with wings of an angel. As the sword hit the scythe on the rooftops a curious little girl was wandering up the stairs to see what the noise was all about. A flurry of arrows made of light came from the angel. The girl grabbed the handle and opened the door to see both of them. She first looked at the angel, she had never seen anything so bright and cleansing before. She then looked at the evil, she saw sadness and despair it was just pure darkness. The evil spun his scythe and deflected the arrows. He then vanished into the darkness. The evil emerged from the shadows and tried to hit him with his scythe from behind. The angel quickly turned around and blocked it with his sword. They started to fight in the air, the angel’s feathers gracefully falling from the sky.

 They're so pretty, the girl thought but she also felt a certain sadness as they fell. She was not really sure why she felt this way but she knew that the angel would prevail no matter what. She continued to watch as the battle went on. The evil used his shadow like it was the fine point of a needle and attacked repeatedly. The angel barely evaded each strike. The girl was amazed by what she was seeing. It looked like the fighting would never stop but the girl looked more closely. They were both starting to get tired even though neither wanted to stop.

The evils shadow split apart into 4, each with the strength of the original. They all took the hilt of their scythe and hit the angel with it slamming him into the wall. The girl quickly ran over to the angel to see if he was alright. Mr. angel are you okay she shouted but he ignored her. Then before she knew it he was  behind the evil. The angel knocked the evil to the ground with his sword and then flew straight towards him. With one last breath he thrust the blade into his body. Then a shadow slowly crept over the angel. The girl thought it was the clouds blocking the moon but the skies were clear. The moon was shinning as brightly as ever. There was one thing the girl did not know the first time she saw the angel. His wings that glowed so brightly were once even brighter.


There is always light in the darkness even if it’s just a little bit. It’s the person’s choice to find it. His light was standing right in front of him but will he notice it? Will he find the light?

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