Losing my Mind

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Here is a story I wrote in my Creative Writing class, enjoy!

Losing my Mind

The deep wounds in the helmet remind me of more exciting times. Pioneer would immediately start lecturing me if he heard me referring to it as just a “helmet.” It’s actually a Neural Oscillation Obstructer and it’s the only reason that blah, blah, blah. Sometimes he was too smart for his own good, or, maybe not, considering he’s dead. I run a couple fingers through the battle scars in the helmet and let out a sigh. I used to be part of a superhero team called The Union, Pioneer was our tech guy. It also consisted of my brother Dillon, my twin sister Brooke, Aria who could manipulate wind, and a few others I didn’t really talk to. On this day, 100 years ago, everything had changed.

The Union was usually successful in defeating their enemies, but Sinsation was a different caliber of villain. He had the ability to mind-control people into doing his bidding, whatever it was. He believed that people with superpowers should be the ones to rule all nations, after all, our abilities also granted us incredible resilience and we never aged, practically making us immortals. It made more sense for us to make the laws since it’d be affecting us for a longer period than the mortals. I kind of understood where he was coming from, but he ultimately wanted to make regular humans, and other superheroes who disagreed with him, his mind-controlled slaves. That, I couldn’t agree with. That’s why Pioneer had made those helmets for us, but Sinsation was still able to talk Brooke into joining his cause. Someone who had been by my side my entire life suddenly gone, turned.

Part of me wants to believe that her helmet was defective and that was the only way she’d be so stupid, but Pioneer never made mistakes when he made our equipment. Never. As Sinsation died, he promised that we “hadn’t seen the last of him,” and Dillon thought that meant he had successfully mind-controlled Brooke. Even with Sinsation dead, he didn’t know if she could be trusted. I pleaded for him to spare her life, but he wouldn’t listen to me. Sometimes I think this superhero shit just gets to his head. He thinks all his decisions are for the greater good, even if he’s destroying his own family.

I thought it was rough being a superhero 100 years ago, but nowadays no one gives a shit about us or the sacrifices we made back then. 100 years and not a single day goes by where I haven’t wished I would’ve tried just a little bit harder to make Dillon spare her life. Now I have no one. No family. No friends. Hell, not even hobbies. Things stopped being interesting to me after I turned 80. Even movies and video games are just the same thing, over and over and over again. Life has turned into me having a bunch of self-pity and trying to convince myself that Dillon was correct in his assessment of Brooke’s condition.

I look at the long-dead plants on my kitchen counter. I remember Brooke using her abilities to maintain the life of all the house plants. I couldn’t bring myself to take on these duties for her, I couldn’t accept she was gone. I ignored Dillon and Aria for a long time, years. Dillon for obvious reasons, but Aria because I felt like she should’ve done more to help spare Brooke. About 30 years ago I finally started to reach out again, but things were different. Too many years of bad blood between us had permanently changed our relationship. Now that I think about it, trying to reconnect with them only made it worse.

My willingness to reach out to them again made me lash out even more. I would get in a drunken frenzy and then seek them out. Dillon always kept his cool though, of course. It seems like he never makes mistakes. Anyway, these types of interactions have soiled any chance of having a healthy relationship again, but I prefer it this way. Brooke was the only one I ever got along with, and Aria.

Aria tried helping me at first. I hated when people put their nose in my business, but not her. Long ago, before The Union was even a thing, there was something between us. I hated people seeing my emotional side and would always push her away- even though what I really wanted was for her to push back harder. It makes sense that she made the decision to stop coming around my place, only seeing me on occasion, but did she really have to go to Dillon? Of all people, him? God Damnit. Everyone was always giving him praises, even though the vast majority of The Unions victories were a huge group effort, and honestly, I had a far greater impact on anything than he ever did. It was just his fucking superhero name, oh my god, Monument! Monument! He’s just strong! He’s really not that impressive. Just some guy that hits hard and runs fast. He just so happened to be marketable or some bullshit. Ugh, this damn country and their agendas.

100 years today since he killed Brooke and he’s’ never even told me sorry, just that he had to do it. God, I can’t believe that guy. He’s only stopped by my house a handful of times and only to make sure I was alive, not to see how I was doing. Literally. He’d knock on my door, I’d answer, talk for, maybe, a few minutes, and then he’d leave. He wouldn’t even come inside! What a joke. Well today, I’m finding him. I’ll make him admit his mistakes. Maybe if I’m lucky, he’ll kill me.

I know exactly where he and Aria always spend their time. There’s some park about 15 minutes from my place that apparently has her favorite flowers or something, I don’t know, girl shit. Normally I would drive, but for this occasion, I’m feeling the need to make a scene.

It doesn’t even take me a moment to find him by the time I get close. I see people at the park pointing up at me as I descend into the park,


“Wow that’s so cool!”

I pay the bystanders no attention and at this point Dillon is already making his way towards me. He’s faking a smile and waving until he notices that I’m not in a good mood. Good. I raise my arms and cross my hands above my head. A dome of fire quickly forms, containing us. There’s a few scattered screams from civilians outside. Dillon plants a foot back and looks cautious,

“Brantley, what is this about? Don’t do anything that could harm these people.” As if he really doesn’t understand what I’m upset about?

“Don’t you play fucking dumb, you know damn well what this is about! Say it!”

“Brantley, why would you come here to-”

“Say it!”

“Brantley---” oh God, he’s using that ridiculous calm voice to try and de-escalate the situation, “---we’ve been over this. There was no way of knowing for sure that Sinsation hadn’t affected-”

“She was our blood! My twin! You don’t know how this affects me, you don’t care!”

“I’m sorry, Brantley. You walled yourself off for so long, I had no idea how to react, no idea how to handle the situation. Just give me-” Suddenly, a torrent of wind pushes down on top of us and dissipates the flames. Aria. Dillon tries to quickly fill her in, “Aria, don’t worry, he’s just upset about Brooke again, everything is going to-”

“No, no, no,” I’m almost screaming at this point, “don’t try to make me look like the bad guy here. What’s happening here, right now, is the product of your actions, Dillon.” I point at Aria, “Don’t push her away from me more than you already have.” Aria looks scared and gives a quick glance to Dillon. She looks back to me and says,

“Brant, we’ve been over this. You pushed me and your brother away and-” No. Fuck this. I let out a scream and begin to haphazardly shoot volleys of fire into the air, allowing them to land wherever in the park they wish. Aria flies into the air and puts out as many as she can. Dillon’s eyes go wide and lifts a knee to his chest before stomping the ground with it. A shockwave pulses toward me and staggers me backwards.

“Enough!” he commands, using his best superhero voice. “Brantley, enough of these outbursts! Every time you do this, me and Aria try to help you, but you always fall back into the same slump. Drinking and feeling sorry for yourself. It’s time for you to grow-up and be an admirable example for these good people.” I look around me and only a handful of people remain in the park, and they look terrified. Sporadic patches of fire cover the parks field, which Aria is currently tending to. No. I can’t allow him to win. He’s outshone me my entire life. No. Today, I prove to him that I deserve respect. I deserve attention!

Fire begins to warp around my hands, awaiting my command. I look up to Dillon,

“This is your fault.”

“Brantley, stop. Let’s think-” I begin lobbing fireball after fireball at him, but he’s too quick and evades to the side. I propel myself into the air with an explosion and then conjure a massive blade of fire in my hands. I swing the sword down upon him, but he barely dodges the attack. Still midair, I raise my feet opposite of his direction and propel myself towards him. In an instant my fist collides with his chest and emits a massive explosion, sending him hurtling away from me.

Absolute panic in the park as everyone nearby, and the people watching from a distance, now scramble away from the clash of heroes. Dillon recovers to his feet, he looks uninjured for the most part. Of course.

“Don’t make me do this. I know you can never forgive me for what I did to Brooke but think of what’d she say right now. Honor her memory. Do the right-”

“I will. Never! Forgive you.” I summon an orb of fire and let it remain stationary where I stand.

“Brantley, don’t-” I reach my hands above me and form two massive hands made of fire. I leap towards Dillon and begin swinging at him, he deflects some blows, others connect. I end the flurry of blows with one last strike coming from above him. He raises his arms up in defense and takes minimal damage, instead just creating a small crater in the ground. I extend both of my hands in front of me and unleash a stream of flames towards him. Just as the flames are about to connect, another gust of wind effortlessly brushes the flames away. I look over to Aria, she looks like she doesn’t believe what’s going on. Like she never knew I was this strong. Good.

“Brantley! That’s your brother! Imagine if that were Brooke. Don’t make the same mistake he did!” Stupid bitch. I’m way past trying to reason with them. Amid all the smoke, Aria didn’t notice the orb of fire I had made earlier. I detonate the orb that’s only a few feet from where she stands. Her body is flung across the park and it skips like a rock on water with each contact to the ground before finally skidding to a stop. I smile.

I’m abruptly launched across the park in the opposite direction and it takes me a few moments before I notice the pain in my abdomen and realize that I was just punched by Dillon. Damn. I manage a decent landing and when I lift my head up, there he is again. I don’t even see the punch get thrown this time and I’m shot into the air, an uppercut. I taste the blood in my mouth as I start to reach the end of my propulsion. Luckily for me, I’ve seen him do this chain of attacks many times.

I use a chunk of my energy to create an explosion centered on myself. Just as I thought. He was nearly about to hit me again, but now he’s careening back down toward the Earth. I conjure the fire blade in my hand again and follow him on his descent, propelling myself to reach speeds I’ve never experienced. I almost feel stronger. Not even a moment after his body collides with the ground, I drive my sword into his lower abdomen. I smile and twist the blade. He looks up at me and spits up blood through gritted teeth.


As I stand above his defenseless body, I extinguish the blade and begin to cast flames until all I see is red. In the distance I can hear Aria let out a scream. She’s finally realizing she’s chosen the weaker of two brothers. With my energy almost depleted I stop the flames and look down at Dillon. His upper-body and neck are completely incinerated. He’s done.

I take a moment to look around the park and see the destruction I’ve caused. Back in the day Brooke would just use her powers to take care of the problem. I look back down at Dillon. He’s really dead. Part of me thought I was just having a bad dream. What have I done? I hurt Aria too. She needs my help. I begin to experience extreme vertigo. I try to head her way, but my body won’t move. What the fuck? My body is completely frozen. Everything begins to go numb as I start to finally move, but these aren’t my movements. It’s like someone else has control of-- no. No. It’s impossible. My body starts to laugh and speaks,

“Oh, Emburn, I knew you’d be weak.” There’s no way. This isn’t possible! “It’s very possible. The moment I saw Monument kill your poor sister, I saw the fire in your eyes. I knew eventually this day would come.” Sinsation is controlling me, but how? He’s been dead for 100 years. “Yes, but I’m still very much alive. Well, not my real body, but I was able to live through you. You see in my final moments of life, my powers evolved into something I could never have foreseen. I became able to preserve my remaining life energy in life around me. Plants, insects, animals, people, whatever I wanted. However, in this state, I am unable to take control of people, like your useless sister,” Bastard! I knew it! Pioneers overhyped piece of shit tech got my sister killed! “Oh hush, it’s not his fault. The Union had no idea how powerful I was, and, it turns out, neither did I. You really thought those silly hats would work against me,” He laughs, “I just had to wait for the evil in you to manifest enough for me to take over your feeble brain, and now I can continue my conquest, except this time, I’ll also have you on my side.” My body looks over at Aria, “Oh, she’ll make a great addition to the team. Something you’ve always wanted.” 

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