Hallow's Eve

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My first ever complete story. It's corny. :D

Submitted: September 18, 2008

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Submitted: September 18, 2008



It was dark. The sky was cloudy and hence there was no light. The cart road was deserted. Fog had set in. This was a 16– England county. Percy was walking as fast as he could. He had been to a friends house in the next village. Percy was used to nighttime travelling. He had walked on this road in darker nights than this. Yet a part of him was still afraid of something… something sinister. He neared a fence.

Suddenly before him he saw a figure. The figure had a wicked smile on its face. Percy felt shivers run down his spine. A cloud moved and the full moon shone on the figure. Percy smiled to himself as he saw if was nothing but a pumpkin. It was Hallow’s Eve after all. Feeling better Percy walked past the Pumpkin. When he was a few yards from the figure he turned back to see it one last time. The figure was looking at him! It had turned to watch him.

Feeling panicky Percy ran down the road. The Forthing woods were nearing. On the other side of the woods lay his home. The cart road wound through the middle of the woods. The woods had a sinister and eery feeling to them. An owl hooted somewhere from above. Percy was afraid now. He started on the cart road. The road which had been wide on the rolling countryside was now just a single person track since most of the carts now took the big road round the woods rather than through the woods.

There was many a talk in the village where Percy lived of strange things happening in these woods on Halloween. Stories from blood sucking vampires to man-wolves. Last year on Hallow’s eve one of the boys had ventured in the forest on his horse. The horse was found near the forest’s edges… dead. Nothing was heard of the boy from then on.

Unfortunately this was the road Percy was supposed to take. With a deep breath Percy started on his road. He encountered nothing for quite a while. At every owl hoot he felt his insides squirming. A bit later he started feeling that all of those tales around the village were just old fables spun around by the village elders to keep the boys from the forest.

Percy kept looking around for the old tree. It was a marker for him so that he should know he was halfway into the forest. This old tree was queer. All of the other trees in these woods were green and healthy but this tree had always been rotting and old. It was as if that the tree had always been like that. Percy saw the clove of trees before him. He knew that the old tree was just beyond them, he just had to take a turn.

The sight which greeted him was astounding. The tree was all lit up with pumpkins hanging from every rotting branch. Owls and bats were perched upon the branches. It looked as if an old woman was carrying lanterns. Suddenly Percy felt a hand on his shoulder. A voice almost like the hiss of a snake whispered in his ear,”Ah! Welcome, yound master. It was good of you to join us in our merry making. Come with me now.” The stranger was clad in a black cloak with a hood that shadowed his face. Percy could only see his green eyes and yellowed teeth. The figure had a wicked smile upon his face just like the pumpkin at the edge of the forest.

Percy was shivering with fear. The figure steered him towards a group of people sitting around a large bonfire, with its iron grip. Percy was made to sit on a log of wood facing the group. The hooded man then said to his colleagues who were eyeing Percy interestedly,”Friends, this young master has given us immense pleasure by being our special guest today. Ah ah! He shall see our merry-making today!” He let out a bitter laugh that seemed to shatter the ice cold silence around the forest.

“Aye Smoth,” another said to the first,”Let us show the young tarp a true hallow’s eve celebration.” The group erupted in laughter, evil laughter. Another figure stood up and went to the old tree. Fumbling inside a hollow in the tree the figure brought a flask and a leather bag towards the bonfire and then poured the red contents in the flask. Then drinking a draught of it passed it on to the other figures. Smoth who was the last to drink brought it towards Percy.

“Drink, young master. Drink and be healthy.” saying so he thrust the flask into Percy’s hands. The sight of the liquid turned Percy’s blood run cold. It was BLOOD. Feeling gross, even repulsed but he was forced to drink of it. Percy felt like vomiting. He somehow contained himself while the silent figures laughed.
“And now for the main celebrations to begin,” the figure called Smoth said, “Friends let the rites begin!” He shouted commandingly.

All of the figures got up mutely and fumbled within the hollows of the old tree while Smoth came up behind Percy who was shaking very badly now. “Come master, come. Near the fire now.” Smoth brought Percy nearer to the fire. The other figures were returning.

“Now,” commanded Smoth,”remove your hoods and pay your respect to the moon god!” With a swift motion all of them lowered their hoods. The fire which was crackling merrily didn’t even cast a hint of light on their faces. They were still enshrouded in the dark. One of the figures removed a broad axe from its belt. Smoth pushed Percy near the fire. Percy’s blood ran cold. He knew it now that he was going to be killed, that he would die now. He was going to be made a sacrifice by these creatures to their demon lord. He knew it was the end. He closed his eyes as the figure lifted its axe. The blow fell and still Percy didn’t feel anything. He was numb.

A voice sounded from the darkness,”Now what are you waiting for boy. Pick it up and bring it here.” Percy opened his eyes. The clouds had shifted once again and the full moon was visible. Before him stood 3 young ladies and 2 men who seemed to be amused at his expression. One of the men gestured towards the ground and percy saw a pumpkin cloven in two. The older of the two men whose voice was the same as Smoth’s said,”Bring it here master. Come and enjoy it with the same pumpkin juice you drank earlier.” All of them burst out laughing.

Percy was relieved. He thought it was stupid of him thinking it was blood. He mingled with the group and took part in the celebration. He learnt that these people came every year on Hallow’s Eve to this place to celebrate the past year. They were all among the nobility who had to thank this place for making them who they were. Percy feeling relieved kept listening to their talk as sleep stole over him. He leaned against the old tree and fell into deep slumber.

Percy was wakened by the chirping of the birds signaling morning. He got up. The people of the night were gone. He felt like it was a dream. The old tree looked as old and rotting as usual. He felt that it must all have been just a dream. Percy made his way home. At the outskirts of the wood Percy noticed that it was still quite early and as yet nobody had woken up. He quickly made his way towards his house. Using the ladder outside his wiondow Percy got up to his room. Feeling foolish about himself Percy laughed at himself for his panic. He was surely a fool to think that such things existed.

Then Percy noticed the talisman hanging around his neck. There was a pumpkin with an evil smile on one side while the other side depicted a full moon shining on an old tree and the following words written on it - THOU SHALL BE BACK AT HALLOW’s EVE & THOU SHALL HAVE ALL THY HEART DESIRES. It was all real…

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