The Flower: Joy, Dreams, Love, Hope, Life

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A poem of the cruel world...

Submitted: February 11, 2011

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Submitted: February 11, 2011



Five petals on the flower.
One is for life, one for hope,
one for love, dreams, joy.
A flower in bloom,
the most beautiful gift,
the most beautiful sight.
Wind is inevitable.
It comes and goes
seconds, minutes, hours at a time!
Swoosh, swoosh. Swoosh, swoosh.
A petals blows away with the wind.
Joy is lost.
Oh the taunting rain,
on and on it falls --
Drowing-- suffocating the flower.
Drip, drip. Drip, drip.
A petal washes away in the rain.
Dreams are lost.
All turns cold eventually.
The ground chills,
the flower glazed in frost.
Brrr, brrr! Chatter, chatter.
A petal crumbles in the cold.
Love is lost.
Insects live too.
Pests that munch,
no, parasites that destroy!
Crunch, crunch. Crunch, crunch.
A petal is eaten away.
Hope is lost.
Footsteps, so uncaring,
so unobservant, yet so willing
trample the flower!
Squash, squash!
They don't even care!
The last miserable petal falls to the ground.
The flower, oh the flower, withers and weeps,
but no one cares.
Life, so precious, is lost

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