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All About Bill is a short Story which has its input from the imagination of all of my wonderful and talented children, David(11yrs), Joshua(10yrs), and Anna(8yrs). I hope you will enjoy it as I have.

Submitted: October 02, 2010

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Submitted: October 02, 2010



By: David Galloway, Anna Galloway,Josh Galloway, & George Galloway

Hi I’m bill and this is my story!

Imagination is the ability to dream or create your own experiences or life processes in an effort to entertain oneself anywhere and anytime.
In today's fast paced talented world, we as parents sometimes do not give enough attention to our child’s imagination and therefore its real meaning is short lived. We forget that it is a God given gift that should be stimulated with parental nurturing.  The ability to imagine is more brilliant than it seems, hence, we should give our children a place to be themselves.  It is also evident that those of us who worry about our child’s development can surely rest in knowing that their imagination has its just rewards, in particular, their ability to deal with their inner feelings and growing stress with change.
I said all of that to say that I am a parent who loves to watch my children act out their imagination. For instance, my son, Joshua has a friend who speaks to him from the toilet, a friendly monster named Murlock. I am fascinated to hear his dialogue with Murlock. He also entertains me with his Bill World, hence the birth of Bill Story, which has its input from the imagination of all of my wonderful and talented children, David, Joshua, and Anna. I hope you will enjoy it as I have.

This story is about a man named Bill. Bill lived on 100 Bill Drive in a town named Bill Town, in a county named Bill County, in Bill state. He had a wife named Billy, two children, a girl named Billy Jr. and a boy named Little Bill. Bill’s mom was named Billyinda, his dad was named BillBob, and he had two brothers who were twins, BillJoe and BillBen. Bill had no sisters.  Bill Town was a very small town with a population of 250 very friendly people.  Bill is the Mayor of Bill Town and the owner of Bill Realty. A Realtor Agency started by his Grandfather BillTodd over 35 years ago. BillJoe is the owner of Bill Fabrics, a popular fine fabrics company started by their father BillBob, which had been in business for over 20 years. Finally, BillBen is the owner of Bill Auto Sales, a family automobile sales company which has been serving Bill Town for more than 23 years.
Bill has a neighbor named DavidBill, who is also his best friend. They all were happy. One day Bill went to the park with his family and DavidBill.  A mean dog tried to bite Little Bill. DavidBill got the dog to go away and the owner of the dog apologized. She said she accidently dropped the leash and it ran away. They told her it was ok and there was no bite marks on him and he was fine. And then they had fun and went back home. Also Billy Jr. was a bagger at Bill market.
At the Bill market she made money. As a bagger her work was real good so the people always gave her a lot of tips. She was happy with that job and she made a lot of money and was planning to save it all. After a robber heard about her money he had a plan to steal her money. That night the robber saw that everyone was sleeping so he snuck in by going in the balcony because it wasn’t locked. As he went in the room he left the balcony open so the house got cold and Bill woke up and Bill also went into the room where he saw the robber and caught him.
He called the Bill cops and the robber was taken to jail. Next Bill said he promise to make his family more secure and safer and apologized to the family because he put the family in danger.
The Bill cops also found out that the robber was the one they were looking for and that they could not catch for over 3 years and now they found him! Bill was also put in the newspaper and when people saw him they waved and asked him questions. Bill also had a Bill cat named BillApollo that sounded like a Bill dog with a really loud bark. She is nice and fluffy so the next day Bill, Billy Jr, and Little Bill took the Bill cat outside but there was a Bill dog. The Bill dog barked loudly and tried to bite her but the Bill cat scratched the Bill dog and when the dog’s owner came she and Bill both apologized. Bill told her it was ok she also said it was ok but the scratch was pretty deep so Bill went with her to the Bill vet. Later that day after the Bill vet, they all went to Bill Fun World and they visited the Bill flower garden and Billy Jr said that the Bill flowers were pretty. And then Little Bill said I want to ride something. It was obvious to Bill that Little Bill and Billy Jr. wanted to ride a huge Bill coaster. After the bill coaster, Bill and his family went to Bill zoo and saw a Bill zebra and Little Bill said that the Bill zebra looked cool. And then they saw a Bill horse and Billy Jr. said “I like that Bill horse”. Then Billy Jr. took a look at the Bill snakes and the Bill snakes started to shed there skin. Then Billy Jr. said “Ewe that looks nastly!” The Bill Zoo got boring so when they went home they saw someone named Chad walking in front of their home. They called the Bill cops and Chad got kicked out of Bill Town because his name wasn’t Bill. One month later Chad came back with a fake Bill mustache and said his name was BillJake. They all asked him about where he came from and he said he was from Billville. They knew he was not telling the truth because all Bills or Billys are from Bill State. So then they called the Bill cops because Bill went to him and took his mustache off. And then Bill and his family went to ride their Bill cycles together and BillDavid went with them. They saw some Bill pigeons hanging around the side of the park, so they stopped and fed the Bill pigeons with Bill bread. The day was coming to an end, so they headed back home. This is just one of many adventures in a day in Bill Town.  I hope you enjoyed this wonderful day of events in Bill Town and will visit us again.

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