Im not a Stereotype

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and i never will be

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



I didnt ask you

i dont want to know

coz honestly i dont give a ---- what you think.



i will be my own person

forge my own paths

i dont need your opinion

i didnt ask for it


I like what i like

not what you tell me too

your nothing to me

why should i care what you think


im so tired of being shoved around

im fed up with being told how to act

i can live my own life

and i will


Your not even someone i know that well

so how do you know what  what i like

you think just coz your 'cool'

you can push me around


i aint no stereotype

i am my own person

you can call me what what you want

i dont care


ill listen to what i want

watch what i want

do what i want

make friends with who i want


i dont want to be 'cool'

if it means ending up like you

coz you r the most boring person ill ever meet

id rather be with the fun ones


the wierd ones who are fun to be with

the kind ones who can listen to you

the sad ones who you can care for

but not the 'cool ones' no never


ill never be 'cool'

coz ill never be like you

il never be 'cool'

ill never be a stereotype






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