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After one year of relationship, will Onyx finally let Green go? Author's note: I do not own Pokemon, just my characters Onyx and Amethyst, thank you very much. The title is only temporary so...forgive me that. This is just a chapter on my fanfic ^_^

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012




A random fic playing in my mind. Up to you to conclude if my OC died or not.


Enjoy your journey, dear reader. Bon voyage! 


Onyx stared at a distance.


The girl who was hailed as one of the most powerful pokemon trainers in Alto Mare (With the other as her twin brother, Amethyst) was snuggled in bed with Green Oak, the youngest and toughest gym leader in the Kanto region. She relished every part of him; from his  green eyes, spiky brown hair, slightly tanned skin and overall personality. She loved every bit of him with her whole heart and soul and trusted him with her deepest, darkest secret. Sure, he returned the affection...for awhile.


Nowadays, Green felt indifferent towards Onyx. Whenever he touches her, it's as if she's not the one his fingers were looking for. She'd even spot lip-shaped bruises on his neck and collarbone and his own lips were kiss-swollen but she wouldn't voice it out, not even to her twin. She'd pretend she's okay and would accept anything with a smile on her face even though Green hadn't kissed her for nearly a year and never greet her with a smile. She was too afraid to admit that this emerald eyed guy that she loves so much doesn't look at her with love like he used to. It's like he's just fulfilling the role of a boyfriend out of dull commitment, like she's just a task on his to-do list. 


But the fact that she's the only one in-love in this relationship made things hard for her.





The bed was empty when she woke up.


She adjusted her bleary eyes and steals a glance at the clock. It was already 6:00 in the morning. She sighs as she groggily pulls herself up in a sitting position. She gently massages her forehead as the scent of Green lingers in her, which made her waking up even more painful. She stood up then went to the bathroom to brush her teeth then comb her hair. She went out of the apartment then released all of her Pokemon so they can get their daily dose of fresh air. Somehow, her Pokemon could feel her depression. Every now and then, Pichu would nudge at her, as if asking her if she's okay. Latias and the rest did the same, concerned for their trainer, the one they think as their mother. She'd force a smile, assuring them that she's fine, though she knows that her Pokemon doesn't think so. 


Right after training, she grabbed her cellphone then dialled the number of her twin. After five rings, his familiar baritone answered.


"Onyx? What made you call so early in the morning?" he asked, worry evident in his voice.


"Nii-san..." she said, "Where are you?"


There was a moment of silence before he answered, "I'm at the gym with our friends."


"I'll be right there," then she hangs up.





She arrived in front of the gym then fished out her pokeballs. She then released all her Pokemon one by one until they lined up in front of her. Glaceon, Rapidash, Alakazam, Tyrannitar, Persian, Latias, and finally, Pichu. 


She resisted the urge to let the tears flow as she held each of them close for a moment. They know that something is wrong but they just can't pinpoint what. Latias even refused to let Onyx go. It was the most difficult thing Onyx did; these are the Pokemon that she grew up and treated so well that they came to recognize her as their mother. 


And strangely, they have this weird feeling that this will be the last moment they'll ever see Onyx.


She opened the gym's door and entered, her Pokemon following her. She held her head high as she made eye contact with her violet-eyed twin brother, who was gazing at her with pure confusion in his eyes. She cuddled her Pokemon one last time, spending more time with Pichu, who was mewling pitifully now, refusing to let Onyx release her. Onyx hugged Amethyst tightly but briefly, knowing that if she made this hug last longer, she'll never continue her plan. She kissed his cheek, gave the others a nod of acknowledgement before handing her pokeballs to her twin. Then she turned and walked away.


 "Where are you going, Onyx?" Amethyst called out to her. In response, she turned then smiled sadly at him. I love you, Amethyst. She mouthed at him before leaving. When she closed the door, she could swear that she felt her soul shatter in pieces at the sound of her Pokemon crying for her.






Mt. Silver.


She stood at the foot of said mountain, feeling the wind swaying her midnight black hair. She zips up her hoodie then began her journey up the mountain. 


Carefully. Ledge after ledge. One foot before the another.


When she got to the peak, she saw Red, the champion, train his Pikachu and Venusaur in front of his cave. Sensing her presence, the crimson-eyed lad looked up then gazed at her, surprise evident in his features. She smiled at him then wordlessly made her way to the edge.


"Onyx?" he asked, stopping his training, "What are you doing here?"


"The view here is so spectacular..." she answered "I now understand why you picked this location to train."


Red's confusion grew, "I still don't understand why you're here. Do you want to train with me?"


She turned, tears flowing from her coal eyes that Red was taken aback. "Hey, Red. Thanks for being my friend. I promise not to forget you." 


Just then, Amethyst, accompanied by Green, came into the view, riding Latios and Pidgeot respectively. Onyx started to step backward, her feet crunching against the snow, a very sad smile on her face. She let one memory play in her mind:Her first kiss with Green by the sunset while riding Rapidash.


She closed her eyes, pretending to ignore the shock that registered on the three boys' faces when they found out what she's going to do. She pretended not to notice that they were running after her. She paused by the very edge of the cliff then murmured two sentences.


"I love you. Goodbye."


She opened her eyes one last time, getting a glimpse of love, shock, worry and fear on the faces of the three boys that were so close to her. She knew she did the right thing. Technically, she should've done it a long time ago, when she first felt that Green is already pushing her away. She heard them scream her name but Green's voice was the loudest. 


She'll even pretend that she failed to see tears streaking down Green's eyes.


As she falls, the cold wind whipped violently at her skin. The pain felt so good to her that she didn't mind the cold anymore. She suddenly felt warm and sweet and it almost reminded her of Green's embraces and kisses and her fall didn't feel so bad; it's as if she's just falling from the bed after a playful wrestling match with Green, though this time,  instead of Green's arms wrapping protectively around her, darkness awaits below her, its hand outstretched, welcoming her to its realm.


I will always love you. Forever. With all my heart...Green Oak...



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