First Love

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Maybe a cynical look on my first love

Submitted: November 03, 2006

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Submitted: November 03, 2006



First Love


Is it true what they say about your first love?

Is it true when they say it's the best?

Do you ever regain that feeling of butterflies,

or your heart pounding out of your chest?


Can you say any other kiss has ever tasted the same,

as the first one to ever touch your lips?

Has it ever felt as good as it felt the first time,

the first time his hands held your hips?


I remember everything about my first love.

I remember how happy he made me.

I seem to forget all the bad things he did,

and how i cried when he said he'd betrayed me.


He made me feel safe, protected and loved,

but then sometimes he'd treat me like dirt.

He promised me the world and so much more,

yet then he'd say things that he knew would hurt.


So i'm starting to hope the best is yet to come,

and i'm hoping my first love was a test.

Because after all, i'm still only young,

there's plenty of time to have the best.

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