The Plan

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Jus sumthing i wrote due to a friend being in a certain situation

Submitted: November 02, 2006

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Submitted: November 02, 2006



The Plan


As i lie her and wonder what i'v done wrong,

i look at my bruises, it's gone on too long.

Its happening more often, at least once everyday,

i'm taking my babies and we're gettin away.


He comes in to see me, i pretend i'm asleep,

he's noting but a bully, a bully and a creep.

Talking to the nurse, he askes if i'm okay,

he doesn't realise that tomorrow's a new day.


I can' help but smile as i get in the car,

tomorrow i'll take my babies and we'll go somewhere far.

He says sorry once more and begs me to stay,

i nod my head gently, and tell him it's okay.


I start plotting a plan, sounds horrid i know,

you may not understand but i have to go.

I can't stay here now not one more day,

i'm taking my babies and we're getting away.

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