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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is about living, learning, and putting all you have learned into perspective.

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



I told my best friend I was going to start being aggressive. Stop looking back while always progressing. Never regret but always learn a lesson. Time is a gift & to be in is a present. Wrap it with a bow & acknowledge that it is precious. I don't want to ever be the topic of discussion. Nothing negative. Positivity is what I'm wanting. Gods working on me. He's a doctor & I'm suffering.

It's sci-fi how you can turn tragedy into comedy. By simply reflecting back & smiling. Life should never be taken for granted. So if an opportunity flies by make sure you land it. Season to season, people change. The roots will always remain like your family tree Not the leaves when they're letting go. Cheers to the past & watch them blow. Fall can mean a cut but if the ones you trust are there to help you up, More hands make it easier to clean yourself off. Evil surrounds every town, might be next to you when you lay down But like a consequence, Facing it will be a reward in the end.

Taking care of myself cause I know myself the most. Why trust someone else to shop for you in the grocery store. Bag up everything you buy alone so you can be proud you did it all on your own. I told my mom I'm on one knee asking success to be my wife. Explained I made a promise to her, kept it & I'll be down here working hard, sweating until she says yes & I told god I need a blessing. To Please work with me. I'm not in a rush anymore. I want to appreciate the road he planned for me to follow. Stray from the fakes who explain moving at a faster pace is wiser. I just look up at the sky, shaking my head, knowing its a lie. Karma is a chick & she don't wear heels so when she comes around life can get real.

It isn't easy being me but I control it. I'm trying to gain from Ls, keep my head held high. Lately I've been feeling solo, remaining drug free, with my minds still at ease. Never mix sorry with mistakes. Mom said show me & through my actions she'll know it. Music is my company & with me when I sleep. I pray before I lay my head down to keep the demons from around me. Still, I wake up suddenly from a horrible dream My past haunts me. My insecurities walk with me. Understanding everyday this life isn't what's it made out to be.

Anti love but I'm open. If love knocks me down & puts out her hand then I'll get to know her. Constantly thinking, why me? I allow the days to answer, each minute life gets clearer. I know waking up is rare & it's a challenge for people to be real. I stay within my character & add on traits, finding myself in every way as I grow each day. Never allow any one to make you second guess you. Cause they never asked you to walk in your shoes. Therefore they're clueless. Just tighten your shoelaces & keep it moving.

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