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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Searching for love... & learning from each failed attempt at love.

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



Searching for Love

I convinced myself she was right Turned out to be wrong for me Maybe one day she'll see She could have been potentially likely to be the change I was anticipating Working to survive Visiting all my regrets in my mind, strictly not for my eyes A physical connection that could never be completed An attraction that says yes That's lust speaking Time cant live in the past I invest minutes in my future Partying for the trill Avoiding the truth hurts Friends go never cease to amaze Still I lie with a colgate smile

When someone devotes their time, actions can make you see different On to the next I'm adapted to this feeling Girls tease, I leave Women please me Where is she?

I'm attempting to be perfect Nobody walking this earth is If you don't have high standards it will never be worth it I'm patiently waiting with a purpose I'm a find her If she doesn't find me first Even high off love, I will always land feet first If you don't know miserable, you haven't seen love at its worst The pettiness, assumtions, trust, betrayal, jealousy, hate, and loneliness

When you're willing to sacrifice Nothing will make you think twice I do want to fall in love, I'm scared If I fall too fast, that means wounds that might not disappear

Searching for someone loyal to help me change my single ways I need love to see I'm willing to meet her halfway Appreciating the nights even when the days are beautiful Vampire life, bottoms up Not a soul to console Stress-free, although I'm lonely in the sheets Satisfied with me, still wanting compassion with a lovely companion

If telling the truth can keep people alive more people would die On an investigation trying to figure out who's real and who's not Deciete hides, real eyes realize Follow your intuition, your initial is constantly the realest Chasing after honesty You say I'll catch it Just don't promise me Men will be men Fact is, women fit the same trend Look into your heart Make sure its still beating Find your soul Be positive you can reach it A weak mind is easier to play with Be observant, put the pieces in the right places

Believe the impossible, stray from predictable If the same mouth speaks the same words Tell those lips they're pitiful For a change, I want someone who follows through Who isn't emotionless to get their way Make it difficult for the next to come my way Who doesn't go out to forget Start to live for the moment And wake up the next day to regret

Let me guess Your hearts in two locations You want to let go But your minds not able Positive that your done But your ex keeps chasing Or maybe your ex can't disappear And will never stop waiting Late night drunk texting False hopes and talks The memories keep stalking You're used to the company Now its gone completely You hate sleeping alone Using pillows wrapped around your arms and legs as a clone Confusion Loves amusement

Laughing at love is my cure When it's all is said and done If someone new knocks, I'll always open my door

Maybe this woman is heaven sent I'm experiencing this roller coaster effect, mixed with nervousness and excitement If I build a wall up, that means continued loneliness If she knocks it down My hearts open Most difficult task is to be vulnerable again Give up or attempt to be happy Just hold me, show me affection like you need me

This feelings rare, baby your unique The way you love me so casually She's new Love is a stranger Fate introduced us Thank you

I'm going to put her past to the test Notice if she learned from her regrets Im not going to judge her for what happened back then I see her beauty within Her sex appeal is magnectic Our connection should be a sin Like a poison Fatal attraction I'll put up my fist as long as I see her swinging

With time I observed bad habits I knew they would most likely grow I prayed for them to die She told me she couldn't promise All she could do was try

Although it ended She doesn't realize how much she saved my life from the beginning.

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