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This is about other people judging others, withiut really knowing that person.

Submitted: May 01, 2008

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Submitted: May 01, 2008



That’s what they say I am
I’ve been called that by women
I’ve been called that by man
What is the definition of a bitch?
Could it be because I’m a witch?
Maybe it’s because I drink too much grog
Because I thought a bitch was a female dog
Am I a bitch for being my own self?
Who wants a man for love and not for wealth?
Or is it that I’m too blunt and get to the point
Or is it because I sometimes like to smoke a joint
Maybe it’s because I’m independent and like to pay my own way
Well I have always been that way I’m sorry to say
Could it be because I say what I think?
Or maybe it’s because of the whiskey I drink
Maybe it’s for raising my kids the best that I can
And doing it all without the help of a man
I’ve made it through this life the best that I could
But believe me it hasn’t all been that good
I’ve been abused
I’ve been accused
My bodies been beaten and totally bruised
I’ve been molested
I’ve been raped
So the drinking and drugs was a means of escape
I’ve had sex for money; I’m not ashamed to say
Because that’s helped me a lot along the way
I’ve never broken up a husband or wife
And I’ve never taken anyone’s life
I’ve never abused, molested or raped anyone
Because none of that is my idea of fun
So as you can see, my life is an open book
Just ask and I'll let you have a look
Then maybe you can tell me the chapter which
Everyone decided that I was the bitch!

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