Saturday night blues

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A Saturday night.Theres a party outside and I have just stopped drinking so am sitting alone inside, listening and watching.

Submitted: April 22, 2008

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Submitted: April 22, 2008



Tick tock
Another Saturday night
They arrive one by one
I’m surrounded by beauty
Smells like a garden of floral
The drinks start flowing
Red and green jelly shots
In my room staring at the light and sound coming out of the box
Not really seeing, not really listening
I hear the laughter and joy outside
Yet feel the anxiousness well up inside
My piece in the jigsaw doesn’t fit anymore
Rumbling of engines, doors slamming
Stilettos clip clop clip clop on the driveway
Disco light on, colour everywhere
Lights on cameras flashing
Laughter and music
A melody of voices
Cell phones ringing their tunes
Time is ticking by
Carloads arrive
Louder louder the voices
Toilets on demand
People meeting people, friends of friends
Nerves are rattling
Be confident, drink more
The compliments come in droves
Horns beeping
Mirrors are full
Lipstick in a range of colours
Changes of clothes
Excitement hits
Time is ticking by
Clinking of bottles
Screaming and yelling
Click groups happening
Moaning and gossiping
Garage is overloaded
Men stand outside in the wind
Hugs and kisses everywhere
Knocking on doors
In and out they go
Alcohol taking effect
People standing in shadows
Waiting for those they know
Voices overlap one another
Some sitting around the table
Filling up glasses
Rolling up smokes
One man’s laugh stands out in the crowd
Jam-packed in the hallway waiting for “their turn”
Sounds like a nite club line
Time is ticking by
Alcohol taking control
Smokes getting lost
Promises are made
Idle chit chat
Green bins overflowing
Whistle has blown
Shut garage down
Grab all the booze
Time has come
Party bus has arrived
Off they go
And still I stare at the light and the sound coming out of the box
Deep breaths
Anxiety subsides
And I thank God
I made it sober through another Saturday night

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