Unveil their eyes

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I have been asked to do a reading at our local recovery church, which is a place for recovering alcoholics and addicts, on the inner child. I wrote this and would really appreciate any feedback, thankyou. The peron I am reading for is to unveil some of her artwork this nite as well, hence the creative women, creative man.

Submitted: April 29, 2008

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Submitted: April 29, 2008



It’s been a long and lonely road we’ve trudged along

With no where to call our home

And no one to call our friend

It’s been bitterness and pain all the way to the end

So now is the time to find the place where you belong


If you search deep down inside

You’ll find a scared & wounded child that hides

So you need to push aside your childhood fears

And wipe away those regretful tears


Your inner child needs to be set free

Like the wind that blows softly through the kowhai tree


So embrace that child

Hold close and don’t let go

Express your awhi

Stimulate their growth


Grasp firmly to their hand

Walk life, as one, side by side

Encourage and praise them

Undrape the veil that blinds their eyes


Inspire them to be all that they can

Creative women, creative man


Never again allow your dreams to plummet and die

As like on the wings of an eagle, you too will soar high


Never again will you have to be alone

You’ll always have a friend; you’ll always have a home


Just allow your inner child to become part of who you are

And you will never again, have to wander off too far

For the day when you allow your life to turn around

All you’ll need to do, is reach out for that hand

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