Twins of Might

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story deep with symbolism; the fight of nature and nurture

Son of moon


Son of Sight.

Child of flight


Daughter of Might.


Natures fight;

Heart of gold


Fire’s ice.

Sate the hunger

Of thy blood.

Take naught

The given gift

Of spirits breath


Lineage old.

Protect thyself

Thou cant be blamed,

But not all walk

The evils lane.

Bow your heads

Natures Fight,

For here She comes;

The Fire’s Might.

Crowned with stars, all ye who judge,

A heart of gold is winters love.

Blood soaked up—a forgiven sin—by one whose eyes is the mirror in.

But the ice blue mirrors are long forgotten,

Swept away by tear-oceans tide.

It writhes in pain,

The hidden thing,

In fear and rage and love.

The Natures Fight no longer bow,

Instead they stand, tall straight and true.

Fires Might stands in the lead,

With ravens in Her eyes.

Connected all by one strong thread;

No one plans to die.

And then with one great raging heave

All their light has found

The hidden one of purest essence,

Behind the ice blue gaze.

She stands so tall,

She stands so true;

The child of flight,

The nature of might,

The ice blue rivers blood.

Then they meet, the Twins of Might:

Fires heart and Ice’s soul.

Lo, to behold, the Sight they make,

The merging of opposite ends.

And when One stands before them,

All of them bow.

For ice eyes blaze and fire hair smolders.

She, the One in Between, has come.

To be no more a ravaged world,

She puts it back together;

Through sometimes cruel,

Though always hard.

She changing it back,

To life of old,

Not life of war.

And when it’s done,

She, the One in Between,

Shall sit quietly,

And watch the ebbing, tear-oceans tide.


Submitted: September 10, 2015

© Copyright 2022 geminigirl369. All rights reserved.

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