Carpe Nocturne

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Tells the story of a night I spent with a close friend last week.

You grab your coat,

Ill grab my cap,

Leave your fears behind,

We'll need no map!


Let's go on an adventure,

And seize the night,

We'll traverse the landscape,

Guided only by moonlight.


Roaming the streets,

We could do no wrong,

I stole a pumpkin,

You sang a song.


Jumping in puddles,

Giggling and dripping wet,

Loving the freezing cold,

Weird stares from all we met.


Playfighting and silly jokes,

We acted like little ones,

Sure, we may have seemed foolish

But never did we have more fun!


We strayed from the path,

From society to the wild,

The painful pitfalls we encountered,

Were anything but mild.


Barbed wire snared your foot,

Branches brained me without fail,

But all we could do was laugh,

And had no thought to wail.


Jumping that rusted fence,

We entered that rolling plain,

Hazy clouds and flashing lights,

Our excitement began to wane.


Muddy footprints in our wake,

As we talked matters of the heart,

Though I felt our souls connect,

Did I put the horse behind the cart?


Reaching the streets once more,

You wanted to lead the way,

Grey clouds cried to turn back,

But with you I decided to stay.


Onward through the storm,

We pushed further on,

I was ignorant of our final destination,

Until we reached that lawn,


Were you shivering from the rain,

Or from an internal chill?

You trembled before the truth,

Afraid to swallow that pill.


Wanting to jump from that cliff,

To reach that far away dreamland,

Feet off the earth, eyes full of tears,

You were grounded only by my hands.


You struggled in my arms,

Begging me to let you go.

Frustrated and hurting,

But I knew I could not release you so.


Eventually the resistance ceased,

Your body collapsed in my grasp.

Calling me your savior, you could not see,

I had desperately donned my mask.


Back to my home,

We hurried on the double.

Behind a porcelain shell,

Sorrow began to bubble.


I dressed in black,

And you garbed in white,

We, together, shared a bed,

To rest till daylight.


Tucked deep in covers,

Your weary body chose to lay,

It wasn't the linens that kept you warm,

But my hopeful wishes smoldering away.


So close together,

And yet so far apart,

You heard a creaking bed,

I heard a cracking heart.


The sun has finally come,

Blinding us from the night passed.

And while the journey torments me even still,

I pray that it won't be our last.


Submitted: December 09, 2009

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