The Puppet's Dilemma

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An old poem, wrote about a girl who put me in a bad place. Those feelings aren't fully gone, but not nearly as bad as they were when I wrote this.

Submitted: November 30, 2010

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Submitted: November 30, 2010



A man of many masks,
Thats the life I chose.
A masquerade of hollow tasks,
Tending to a garden where emotion never grows.

A heart of nerves wrapped in porcelain,
Seemingly pure and full of cheer,
Every acrylic smile felt like sin,
I never truly held them dear.

And now I grasp for the star that warms the night,
Clearly in my vision, but just out of reach,
A frozen heart melted by your light,
Like ocean waves carving a beach.

A puppet who begs to have his strings pulled,
Wanting to know how it feels to be alive,
To harvest a smile you need culled,
My happiness will surely take a dive.

A selfless angel, another mask I'll wear,
There are cruel intentions in the plans I have laid,
To get her favor, another cross I'd bear,
Into my own heart, I would plunge the blade

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