She wished

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child abuse should be stopped its just not fair

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



She would cry night and day just to drown out the shouting

She wished she would die in a quick way just to stop the bruising 

She would scream just to forget the pain of her broken bones 

She wished she could never come back to the pain ,But she did

She wished her parents would stop beating her ,But they didn't

She wanned to die ,But she couldn't

She tried to die , But she wouldn't

She wanned her parents to stop

Stop giving her the bruses ,But they wouldn't

She wished they wouldn't throw her down the stairs ,But they did

She wished they wouldn't break her bones

She wanned them to die

But they wouldn't

She wanned to take measures into her own hands

But she couldn't

She wasn't alive for much more

Coz she didn't know what was waiting at the door

Her mother chose to kill her

To beat her to a pulp

So there would be no more of the little girl they once loved so dear

No more of her screaming, no more of her tears  


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