Do You Believe In Destiny

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
"Do you believe in destiny"
Is a poem about how when you look at someone and realise they are the one for you.
Id like to dedicate this one to my partner Stefan who has already done so much for me.
I look forward to growing up with you x

Submitted: February 14, 2013

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Submitted: February 14, 2013



Do you believe in destiny?

Do you believe in Fate?

I never  thought there would be you and me

Take my hand and prove to me it isn't too late


I  wish to hold you close  forever and a day

Feel the love I have for you

Grow  more and more  everyday

Our  love  will never  be  blue


Your  just  too good to be true

Your  strong arms holding me close

I can never take my eyes off you

I'm  so  glad  it's me  you chose


It  would be so nice to grow old with you

There will never be a rainy day

Dancing slowly  across the room

In a  passionate  embrace


I  am the  bird and you are my song

Giving me hope in this time of dark

Your my light, my  love, you  can do no  wrong.

I even have fun just walking in the park


Hold me nice and tight

Kiss me nice and slow

For tonight's the night

For me to show


To show you how much you mean to me

breathe life into me

One  day  I  dream to be your  wife


May  you  never  cry,

Never be  scared

May you never be angry

May you only be happy


I wish nothing but the best for you my  angel,

I promise to keep you safe and warm

I promise to hold you so tight

I promise to never let you go


Even when were old and grey

Or fate has driven us  in separate ways

May we reunite one day

Take your  hand in mine once again


Who's  to  say  lovers  part  after  death

Lets walk down the road of eternity

Smiling like before

Without a worry left


Be mine for ever and a day my love

I give you my heart, soul and body

Even in death may we be triumphant

I'll be waiting for you

© Copyright 2019 Gemma Hyde. All rights reserved.

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