Second best is a poem of betrayal and misery.
The reason R has been given as a rating is because it touches ona delecate issue of suicide which I do not wish Young children or the easily offended to read.
If you choose to read this please do not complain.


Second best

Your  words  sting

Your  laugh  smarts

Yourlove  hurts

You  tore my world apart


You  left  me  bitter and  twisted

Leave me thinking  how  could I of missed it

I should of known I was second best

Just  leave out all the rest.


I  wish I never kissed you

I wish I never missed you

And told you that I love you

Every time I fucked you


You  leave me cold

You leave me  empty

Destroying my  feelings

Of  which I once had plenty.


How could you do this to me

My  world  is  falling  apart.

Falling  apart from the  seems

How  could you prefer that tart.


I  once was  yours

You were once mine

But  you  went  behind my  back

Pretending everything was still fine


You abused my body

You left your  mark

You  abandoned me

I keep crying in the dark


In the bath  full of  heat

I take the razor

I toy  with it slightly

 While I soak my feet


I  take it to my  wrist

I  slice  away

Crying while I bleed

Life  slipping away


I'm  under  the  water

Struggling to breath

Choking on my blood

One  step  closer to death


I  close my  eyes

You're  free now my love

I've lost all site

You are no longer mine


I needed to die

So she can  give you everything you need

Calm down my dearest

There's  No need to cry


I was  only  second best

Submitted: February 15, 2013

© Copyright 2023 Gemma Hyde. All rights reserved.

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