My strong soldier

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A girl, who meets a boy and has a baby girl with him. They are perfect and happy together until one day he leaves to fight for their country. Here is the tearful poem I wrote. X

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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Submitted: May 06, 2013



Arms like a warrior Strength like a soldier Eyes like a fighter Hope like a believer

Your eyes glittered As they flickered Laying next to me Your perfect eyes is all I ever want to see.

The heavy breathing on my neck The kissing the way you would peck Soft touch against my cheek Around you I will never feel week

Everything was perfect Meeting you was worth it Being here is magical Leaving you is going to be tragical..

When you leave to fight I think I will breakdown, I just might. When you take your first step out of the door..

I won't laugh I won't cry Because I know you're strong You won't die..

You've been through a lot Before you met me Your heart was beginning to rot Then we shook hands Everything in the world stopped Our hearts recovered with a pop

Years later we performed a miracle Something mystical Beautiful

We called her daisy She looked like you And had eyes like me too And I never had a clue.. That one day we'd have to say bye to you..

But only temporary' you promised He said 'just think about the first time we kissed' How wonderful it was He said 'that's how it will be when I get back, safe and sound'

I felt better The rain got wetter

The door opened Daisy clutched my leg I couldn't watch so instead I focused on a washing line peg I turned to you My hands turned blue

By then I knew daisy was already missing you too I waved to you for the last time Daisy made a wailing sound and a whine.

I picked her up Told her you'll be back soon The sun went down and up went the moon

I put daisy to bed She rested her head But instead of sleeping Cried instead

I held her close to my heart I said 'don't worry' She made a half smile, it was a start

Six months later I heard a knock on my door I figured reading was a bore, so I got up and creaked open the door.

'Sit down ma'am' the tall man told me. I said okay 'take a seat' We sat down, He pulled a worried frown.

'Your husband won't be returning , ma'am . I'm sorry. ' I ran upstairs In a hurry

I chopped all of my hair off In anger I shouted at the top of my voice ' I KNEW THIS WOULD END IN DANGER'

I locked myself in the bathroom I held his picture to my heart I said 'you was there for me and daisy from the start'..

Tears gushed down from my eyes to my cheek I didn't feel strong anymore, instead I felt weak I kissed your picture

The next day I woke up with a smile I thought it over for a while I forced myself to be happy, for you I can't be sad, I know you miss me too

Up in the clouds I know you're thinking about me like I'm thinking about you

And maybe you didn't have a clue, How much I actually loved you Maybe I should have reminded you more often Maybe then you wouldn't have left

But I reassured myself no need to be upset Because I'm sure that you're waiting for me in the sky I told myself his last goodbye was a lie

Because one day, in 80 years when I die We will meet again I don't know when I don't know how But I know that for now, I need to wear my best beauty product A smile

For my soldier, forever in my heart Ever since the start <3<3<3

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