Unstoppable love

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A girl named Katy meets the boy of her dreams at her fathers royal ball. Here is their love story. Listen to the song Taylor swift -love story whilst reading this for a better experience.

Submitted: May 05, 2013

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Submitted: May 05, 2013



I was struggling to fit my rather tight 'princess' dress on for my father (the king) 's royal ball celebrating his new marriage with Ellie berry worth. Who kept her last name instead.

I fitted on my glittery pink high heels and gracefully paced down the spiral stairs. 'Hi father, like my dress?' I asked 'why, of course my favourite little girl. Well of course second favourite as Ellie is first' he smiled. I groaned , not out load just incase he would start going on about his true love with Ellie again.

We turned round to witness Ellie trot down the stairs like a horse in her fluffy grey dress thinking shes the only girl in the world. More like a witch I thought to myself.

' why Ellie my dear , you look utterly beautiful!' My father told Ellie taking her hand and helping her down the stairs.

About an hour later at 6.00pm we set off in our hot air balloon with text on it saying 'newly royal marriage' . I stood at the opposite side from my father and Ellie whillst our body guards stood beside me.

I waved goodbye to our maid and butler, as we flew into the clouds.

We arrived at 6.34. Ellie pushed past eager to get off to stuff herself with the lovely prepared buffet specially made by our rented butler.

I climbed out before the body guards and lifted my dress from the ground with elegancy.

My father and Ellie ran straight to Ellie's parents and started a conversation.

Meanwhile I went to the other side of the royal hall and sat on a chair, waiting for a lucky guy to hopefully swish me off my feet and ask me for a dance.

At 6.59 I was still waiting.

I noticed a rather good looking guy with a big light brown emo fringe talking to a tall guy in a black suit, they looked like they were planning something.

They looked over to me and pointed.

I smiled., confused .

By 7.05 the man in the suit was gone, the boy with the fringe awkwardly approached me and mumbled 'hey, you look beautiful in that dress. ' my face lit up as I smiled 'thanks, you're good looking yourself ' we giggled.

Then Ellie and my father came over to us, Ellie hugged the 'fringe guy' and said 'well son, looks like you two have already met then? Anyway Tom this is Katie, the kings son who is my new husband and Katie this is Tom my son'.

Oh no , so it seems the only hot guy at the party with an emo fringe was in fact snobby two-faced Ellie's son.

So we would be .. Step siblings.

I looked him in the eyes as Ellie and my father went back to Ellie's parents . He grabbed hold of my hand and quickly leaned in to kiss me. I kissed him back and grabbed his hand.

' I think I love you..' He whispered into my ear. ' I think I love you too'. I whispered back At the end of the night at the royal dance he held my hand, knelt down and asked 'care to have the last dance with me, my beautiful lady?'

I blushed but replied 'yes'.

They played Taylor swifts song 'love story'. Me and Tom danced along like we had been in love for years.

That's what It felt like. At the end of the song he kissed me and told me 'meet me at the forest tomorrow at 6.00 pm. I'll be waiting on the stump in the centre , be there' He ran off to Emily afterwards and they got a carriage home.

Me and my father flew there. In his private helicopter , ' so are you and Tom good friends then?' My father asked me.

'Sure' i replied still blushing with excitement.

Later on when I was trying to get to sleep, I tightened my eyes but struggled to . I just couldn't stop thinking about Tom, his hair , his eyes. Everything about him was perfect. Even the way he spoke.

He looked at me like I was a princess. His princess. And when he kissed me, I felt like an Angel. He's my first true love.

I couldn't wait for the next day.

Sooner or later I managed to get some sleep , I dreamt about marrying Tom and having a daughter with him in our very own palace as king and queen of the world.

I woke up at 10.45 and had tomeros for breakfast, sorry no Cheerios I mean...

I had a shower and everything then change into my flowery ' dress.

At about 12 I went out to pick some berries. 'But I said to kill her!Not to fall in love with her!' I heard a voice say from the distance, I followed the echo and found Tom and the man in the suit arguing, I hid behind a bush and listened in.

'Im sorry, I was never going to kill Katie anyway. Ioved her from first sight. And when you told me to kill her I pretended to agree and accept the quest. I would never kill my first love. Katie So choose someone else to do your dirty work. But NOT on Katie I will not let you kill my princess' I heard Tom shout at the man in the suit .

The man in the suit punched him and Tom fell to the ground, I ran after Tom and knelt to him shouting at he man in the suit screaming 'NO LEAVE TOM ALONE' I began to cry as the man reached for a gun in his pocket, I hugged Tom and covered us with a jacket 'NOOO' I screamed as the man tried to shoot me , but Tom manage to push me out of the way and jump in front of the bullet protecting me.

I screamed with tears gushing from my eyes. 'Tom, I love you' I screamed.

He wasn't moving and the man in the suit ran off into the wild.

I placed my hand on his slim chest ' don't leave me .. Please' I whispered.

He wasn't moving.

I later with him until about an hour later when I felt his heart beat.. He wasn't dead! I smiled and cried with happy tears.

'Tom, Tom are you okay?' I asked desperately 'y-y-ye-yes' he managed to get out

I hugged him tightly, 'I'm so sorry , Katie' he apologised. ' what for?' I asked.

'For putting us in this mess. ' he replied. ' what mess? You was never going to kill me, was you?' I asked.

'I would never kill you , Katie. I should have pretended I killed you to him. So he would leave us alone. ' Tom exclaimed.

'Why would he want me dead anyway?' I asked as we sat up holding each other wanting to never let go. Ever.

'He just doesn't like you, I suppose. But don't worry Iove you. Katie. Although we only met yesterday , I feel like I've known you for years. Like we've been in love for centuries!like Adam and Eve or Romeo and Juliet. ' he then kissed me in the rain.

He continued 'we haven't known each other for long but I'm in love with you, Katie . And I want you to marry me. I want you to be my princess forever. You're so beautiful. You're personality and your looks. You're perfect. And I think we could be the perfect couple. We could run away, get married and forget the rest of the world. Forget my mum , forget your dad. Forget our guess and butlers. Just focus on each other. Katie, will you be my beautiful wife, and grow old with me?' Tom asked kneeling down on his right knee flicking his fringe to the side of his face.

I was speechless at first.

'YES!!!' I shouted hugging him and whispering 'never let go'.

He lifted me up and twirled me around in a circle and kissed me gently on the lips.

'Ill love you forever, tomorrow ill get you a ring. '

' I don't need a ring ' I replied. ' I just need you'

The next day I woke up, the first thought on my mind was Tom. The proposal. What he said about running away. I smiled.

Later on I went out to collect berries again. I picked and picked until 4.00 pm

When at the stump I noticed Tom with a ring saying to the tree unusually ' Katie, I bought you this diamond ring. Try it on. I hope you like it ' I tapped his shoulder.

He jumped 'woah!Did you see all of that?' He asked hiding the ring behind his back.

'Yeah' I giggled tickling him. He tackled me to the ground and kissed me. 'I got you this ring, here' he placed it on my finger

It fitted perfectly.

Then a thought occurred to me. How would I tell my dad?

'Uh, Tom.. How are we going to tell my dad? About the wedding?' I shaked a little.

'Don't worry , I'll sit him down and gently tell him later. I'm sure well have no problem . ' He reassured me everything will go well and held me closely.

I could feel his heavy breathing on my neck.

Later on I was in my room and heard my father shouting at the top of his voice. 'YOU WILL NEVER MARRY MY DAUGHTER' I eard my dad shout.

I hurried down the stairs and saw Tom and my dad fighting 'fine then! We don't need your permission! Come on Katie, pack your suitcase were leaving ' Tom looked at me and said.

'Im sorry dad' I ran upstairs and packed. Half an hour later I reached the bottom of the stairs to where Tom was.

My dad grabbed my arm and squeezed it as I reached the front door


'Dad, I'm not a little girl anymore. ' I told him 'you're still my little girl Katie'

I rolled my eyes 'you'll still have your number one Ellie' I mumbled

'Fine. Just go' my dad replied. 'I don't care anyway. Ellie means more than a disrespectful daughter ' my father moaned

'Im sorry dad, I have to go.. I love you' I breathed my last words to my dad crying.

But I had to go. I loved Tom. Tom helped me carry my suitcase into the taxi.

'Im really sorry' 'I hope I'm not forcing you into this..' Tom apologised looking down guiltily.

'I want to do this Tom, cheer up. 'I told him hugging him.

He pecked me on the right cheek.

We arrived at a swamp later on. Where nobody in the world lived. Only us.

It was an unknown place.

Tom paid the taxi driver and carried our suitcases.

We unpacked all night.

And had 2 hours sleep.

'Morning beautiful' I heard toms voice say as I opened my eyes.

'Morning:)' I smiled

At 2.00 in the afternoon we rented a beach called 'forever young' to get married at, as a private wedding. Just us and the man who does the vows and stuff.

A week later I woke up to toms voice again , 'morning beautiful! Now I have to go get the wedding prepared and get ready, you get your dress on and the Girl I hired will do your hair! I can't wait beautiful. To spend the rest of my life with you'! Tom said to me and then left

I smiled knowing today was going to be the best day of my life. The day I make vows to stay with my soul mate and first love forever. And to grow old with him'

I put my big white dress and vail on admiring the dress in the mirror.

'Its beautiful ' I thought to myself.

I wore my favourite white sandals as its a beach. But who cares what I wear the only thing that matters is me and Tom.

The girl Tom hired did my make up and curled my medium blonde hair.

'Katie, you look lovely.' Thanks, hey I need to tell you to tell Tom something .. My real name is actually Georgina. But I hate it so I use the name Katie. But he can call me georgina. ' I told her to tell him.

'Okay' she replied.

At the wedding I slowly paced down the aisle.

Lifting up my dress from the ground just like at he ball . We looked each other in the eyes like when we met.

I held his hand, love story was playing. Like in the ball.

I sang to him ' Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone I love you and that's all there is to know you'll be the prince and ill be the princess ' Tom, I love everything about you, I want to grow old with you ! I do.

'Tom , do you take georgina-' 'Her name is Katie' Tom interrupted. 'My actual name is Georgina ' I told him 'Do you take georgina to be your lawfully wedded wife, to grow old with you, be there with you for-' Tom interrupted him 'I do!:)!' He lifted me up in the air and twirled me around and kissed me.

This was our love story. How I met my soul mate.:)<3.

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