Never give up on your dreams

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Never give up is about realising what you want from life, and not letting somebody chose your life for you.

Submitted: June 28, 2012

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Submitted: June 28, 2012





Never give up


Theres always a day when you want to forget about everything, and just relax and for me, that day was today. My boyfriend was away and It was just me. I had nothing to do, nowhere to go and was feeling sorry for myself. I wanted to do something, so it got me thinking about dreams and why I hadn't followed mine. I always wanted to own a little bakery. However I was only young when I met my boyfriend, and I helped him with his dreams, and forgot all about mine.


Now, he was succesful in what he did, and I was pretty much a housewife. This isn't what I wanted from life.  I moved away from friends and family, and it was always just me and him. I used to love the fact it was always us. We used to have so much fun, then his work took over. And now it was like I was alone.


Over the past 10 years, I hadnt once complained about our lives, until now. I had more time than ever to do what I wanted. So I thought that this was the perfect time to leave. I Loved him so much, but was it really right for him to hold me back? Why should I have given up all that I had wanted. I even left college for him, but I had stuck by him through University and even found him a job. And he repaid me by making me do his washing and cleaning.


As I gathered all my belongings, I cried, I felt guitly for leaving, and I know I had to tell him why I was leaving, although I don't think he really did deserve one, he had chatted up other girls, and even hit me on occasions, now I think about it, I should have left before.


I wasted my life for some man, some man who didn't really care. Now, I bake for a living and I'm happier than I've ever been. So, what I'm really saying is, don't fall for a man's trap. You deserve to do what you want to do and if they dont support you, then think about what you're about to give up. You can achieve your dreams with the right people behind you, so never give up!



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