Vanishing Waters

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A Teenage girl goes missing from the river, had she drowned? or had something else much worse happened?
(In progress - not finished!)

Submitted: August 27, 2014

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Submitted: August 27, 2014



It was the middle of summer, when Alice and Jess decided they wanted to go to the park. It had been boiling hot all day and eventually they decided to go cool down by the river. It was a popular sunbathing spot with people of all ages. Jess asked her dad to drop them off, so they didnt have to walk.


When they finally found a good spot near to the water, they were chatting about boys when Alice looked sheepish. At 14 years old, both were much too young to have proper boyfriends, however they still dreamed of their happy endings. Jess noticed Alice acting all weird when it came to boys so they changed the subject and decided to go paddle in the river. It was rather busy but most people were just lazing around reading books and having picnics with their families. Jess turned around for what seemed like a second and noticed Alice had gone. Alice was always playing pranks on her friends and Jess was never really amused by them. Jess decided to go sit down and wait for her friend to come back. Ten minutes had gone and she still hadn't come back. The river was only flowing very slowly so thought nothing bad could have happened, besides its a busy park, surely someone would have noticed?


When it had been half an hour, Jess kept ringing her best friend to no avail; She then rang her mum and asked for help, but she thought nothing of it seeing as she was a teenager. When it had been over an hour, Jess was worried and phoned her dad, hoping he would have something reassuring to say, but he said the same as her mum. Why was no one bothered? Was Jess just over reacting?


Back at home, Jess reasoned with herself that Alice must have got a phone call and had to go home or went to meet some other people. Jess did recieve a phone call from Alices mum, worried that she hadn't come home. Now, she was worried! She marched downstairs angry that no one would listen to her. Reluctantly Jess persuaded her mum to call the police, and tell them what had happened. Mrs Crohn had already phoned them also, so they were taking it a little bit more seriously. Jess explained what had happened as the police and Mrs Crohn listened. They were all thinking the obvious but no one would say it.


As the days all blurred into one, the police had checked the river to see any signs of a body or belongings. But, nothing. Jess was left with nothing, she kept going over that day in her head, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Would she ever know what happened? Was Alice hiding somewhere? Was she in trouble? No one could tell her. Jess wouldnt give up and kept on searching for her own clues.

Jess's dad thought she should stop. He was not impressed that she was still looking into it. If there was something to be found, the police would find it surely. Not listening to her dad, she carried on searching regardless.


It had been five years and nothing had come out of the police enquiry. Everyone assumed Alice had drowned. That was it. Nothing else to be thought about, no body, no clues, no evidence. Until..

It was summer again, and a couple were hiking in the woodland with their dog, when he started barking. The couple, went over to the dog and found some bones. No doubt about it that they were human remains.


The Woodland was around ten minutes drive away from the river where Alice was last seen, so the police were on high alert that it could well be her. The Forensic team confirmed it was a teenage girl but could not determine anything more at that time. The formal identification process did indeed tell them that it was that of Alice Crohn.


The news startled the community, and most of all Jess. She never gave up believing that Alice was still out there, this is not the news she was expecting. The details came out one by one. Alice had been brutally raped and beaten and left for dead. No one had come to her rescue in time. Why would anyone do this? Was there any evidence left around the crime scene?


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