~ Twisted fate ~ Part I

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After a horrific incident a young girl named Amara Benroth finds herself in the care of a young male vampire. Having to deal with losing all memories of her past, she has to also deal with living with a group of vampires whom all have their own tragic pasts.
This is a first person story showing how she manages to pull through the hard times and learns to overcome the problems which arise while she's searching for who she was before the incident occurred.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

I  lay  there  as  the  delicate  snow  fell  gracefully  from  the  dull  gr... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

As  I  regained  conciousness  I  could  feel  warmth  of  a  blanket  which ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

"Wake up, " He whispered softly in my ear. I opened my eyes to see him leaning over me in the dim candle light. I could get used to m... Read Chapter