Short Story:::: Ignored Beauty

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Our lives are often so busy that we forget to stop and absorb the simple thing in life.

Submitted: July 30, 2011

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Submitted: July 30, 2011



Ignored Beauty.



Along a well trod on path, there is a boulevard, covered in dewy grass. It is a crisp morning in fall on which the brown and orange colored leaves, in all shapes and sizes, seem to sigh together as they float gracefully to the ground on which you walk. A deep breath in sends the surprisingly chilly air all through your body. You shiver, instinctivly.

Your teeth just begin to chatter nervously with cold, when a sudden rush of warmth consumes you, as if somebody has you locked in a tight embrace and wasn’t willing to let go for a very long time.



It was a light shade of blue, almost purple some would argue. Standing on it’s own it is quite stunning in almost every way. The shape is as it should be, the size is in fact nothing extraordinary, the surface is slightly wilted and in some spots discolored do to age, but still there is something about it that makes you warm and content. 

An expert would say such things never show themselves at this time of year. It is too late in the season. Never the less, through frost and rain, storms and running feet, it survived. 

There comes a moment when you think you ought to pick it and keep it from harms way, but then you decide, as you reach down, that you should let it be, so somebody ells can admire it as well. The sun creeps out from above the clouds sends rays of pure gold down upon the now radiant sight.



Oh dear, but now you realize you will be late!


Be off with you, young one.


And so you run, to catch up on the time you just spent gazing at what some people would think was nothing in particular. The cars rush by you with great speed and hast. 

Before you, not a soul had looked twice at it, amongst the weeds, brush and grass. Maybe if it could be put where it can be seen better, people would care.



Along a busy highway, not many people will notice a blue poppy. 


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