Protos and the Empire of Darkness

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The immortal being Protos is captured to by agencies wanting to harness his power. Asroth rejoices that he has been made a captive.

Submitted: April 13, 2019

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Submitted: April 13, 2019








THE GRAY BUS rolled down the road with two black cars escorting it, and passers by could see the words on the side that read in huge black letters CHESTERFIELD MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON.  Inside sat a handful of men glaring as they saw the entrance to the prison roll into site and their last view of the outside world vanished behind them.


Moments later they were unlocked from the floor of the bus, and in a straight line they lined up in the court yard of a bland, cement universe with tall fences topped with rows of razor ribbon and stern guards gazing on them from towers, rifles int heir hands.  Out of a steel door came a large man with a ball cap and sun glasses who walked into the front of the line of men and regarded them with his hands behind his back.


"Welcome to Chesterfield, gentlemen.  I am your new owner.  You are now my property to do with as I see fit.  Each and every one of you sons of bitches has repeatedly proved you are unfit for life in this world and so the world has given you to me.  These men you see here are ready and able to end your lives if any of you think you can get out of my lovely kingdom.  There is no friendship here, no mercy, only the evil you wallow in.  We do not give warning shots.  Try to run and you get shot.  Period.  I don't care about rehabilitating you, I don't care about you finding God.  You are here to be punished, nothing more. You will be given a job here, and you will do it.  You will be allowed a library to read in and a monitored computer.  If you don't work, you don't eat and you rot in your cell till you drop dead.  Any questions?  No?  Excellent.  Welcome to hell.  Enjoy your stay."


The men were herded into a tall, plain gray cement building and were taken to different levels, walked down a steel hallway, put in various cells, and double steel doors slammed shut with a haunting crash that seemed to be the theme song to the gates of hell.


Day after day the men sat, in cells, in the library, doing odd jobs.  Some of them cried, some of them screamed, echoing down the halls, then vanishing into the air as they had done for decades as this hell hole filled with evil people sat.


Outside the prison the sky rumbled and turned black.  The entire prison shook as thunder rumbled and shook the Earth.  In his cell, a bearded man named Tony, a five time bank robber who tried to shoot his way out of trouble, yelled "Hey Stu, you feel that?"  Another inmate with a bald head, a former enforcer for a gang, yelled back.  "Yep, that must be one powerful sum bitch to shake this whole place."


In his office, the warden removed his glasses.  "Maybe Satan is coming to get this trash finally."


Lightning flashed but no rain came down.  Unheard by human ears, a voice spoke through time and space.


"Protos.  Come to me, my son, I have work for you."  Somewhere deep in the maze of color that was the universe a mighty being came, eyes shining bright, towering powerful and the perfect symbol  of his kind, answering the call.


Far back in the fabric of time he had been brought into existence, the prototype on which his kind were made, his masculine beauty without flaw, his power mighty, over all things that lived, roaming the universe among countless worlds and doing the work he was given.  He was powerful, yet serene, unassuming yet resolute, and for time unimaginable he had walked among his fellow beings watching worlds stretch before him.


As Protos stood, he regarded Earth, with billions of living beings crowding it, in cities, towns and roaming a vast network of roads.


"See how they go from place to place?"  The voice said.  Protos regarded them before him, the citizens of Earth.  "Yes father."  He replied.


"They have advanced to the point where their power for destruction is great, and we must prevent them from destroying themselves or their world will become a dark empty planet useless and devoid of life.  You know what must be done, Protos, my son."


"Yes father.."


"Go.  You need only warn them once and if they fail to heed your words or try to harm you, do as you see fit."


"Yes father."


Protos remembered the words of his fallen brother Asroth, as he once stood on a great hill overlooking many cities regarding human beings.  "Why do you bother with them, my brother?"  Asroth queried.  "Why do you think they are so quick to hail us as gods?  Because we give them what they want!  If you are so unhappy with these insects, let me finish them!  I will make them great in number then turn them on each other and destroy each and every one of them!"  Asroth had said.


Protos glared at him.  "You are the king of fools.  There exist good among them and I will not let you send them down in flames with the fools who follow you."  Asroth had laughed.  "We'll see how many follow the good and righteous Protos, the self absorbed model on which these ugly beasts were made."


Over Chesterfield prison the lightning flashed and a rumble of thunder rolled through the earth once more.  For the first time in their lives, serial killers, rapists, murderers, robbers, and men possessed of unspeakable evil stood by the bars of their cells in wonder.


In his cell, Charles Threlkeld sat up in his bunk.  Then walked to the door of his cell and gripped the bars.  he smacked his head against the hardness and wondered how much more of this he could take before he lost his mind.  He waited for the sound of the boots on the prison walkway, then waited some more, then was about to turn and give up when he heard them. They came to his door, cuffed him, and led him to the little room to meet with his attorney.  He sat for just a few minutes when his attorney came in.


"Mr. Threlkeld."  He said.

"Please don't bring me more bad news."  Charles replied.

"I've submitted a request for the examination to take place and the tests to run, and the judge signed off on it this morning."

"That's good, right?"

"It can be but it will take weeks or even months to get the results and analyze them.  That's just how it is, we have to wait.  You have hope of being free with modern technology, that is the good part."

"For the record..."  Charles said.  "I did not commit those crimes.   I'm serious here, the judge and the investigator ignored my testimony and the evidence.  The stuff I had on camera I transferred to a drive and when I tried t present it in court they said I could not use the equipment without permission, just so they could delay it.  They know I didn't do it.  They just needed someone to take the heat off their little pet, Mark."

 "Well that may be, but the time has to be taken to do this and make it thorough."

 "Trouble is, while they tae the time to find the facts, my life is being destroyed and my family also.  I wont have shit left when I get out of here."

 "I'm sorry Charles, but that's how it is.  You have three thousand inmates in Chesterfield, and about seven hundred adamantly deny they are guilty, and half of them are proud of their guilt.  The fact is you are just another number and this warden doesn't care about anything or anyone."

"So the judge authorized the tests anyhow."

"Yes, Mr. Threlkeld, there is that.  I wish I could offer you more hope."

"I appreciate that much."

The guards came and got Charles and as he saw his cell coming, he gave up.  By the time the investigators found out that evidence had been covered up, lies told, and he actually was guilty, he would lose his home, his wife, kids, everything.  He felt himself snap inside.  

There was a chemist he knew of in this hole named Will, and he could get him something.  He wanted it over with quick.  No more being bullied huge inmates, being pushed around and told he was someone's bitch.  He decided to have a talk with Will.  By the end of the month it could be over and he could be free.

  Since he had been in Chesterfield, lied about and convicted of a set of crimes he did not commit, he had been assaulted so many times he could not count them.  

  The warden didn't have a minister in the prison, he was here to make you do your time, not help you get better.  He was ice cold and totally inhuman...big surprise.

  As he sat in his cell, his cell mate came back and it was off to the torture chamber.  Charles could do nothing but submit to his cell mate.  He was a big powerful man, covered with tattoos and very violent.  The warden didn't care if he ripped Charles apart.

When Charles stood by the bars that evening waiting to talk to Will, he saw a man come down the halls.  For some strange reason, he knew this man was very different.  

  Charles Threlkeld stood by his cell door as a strange man in prison guard garb came up to him.

"Don't lose hope, Charlie.  This is the end for the guilty, and you will see your family again soon."  

  The man turned to walk away and Charles asked him his name.  The man smiled.  "My name is Protos."  He replied, and to Charles's shock, he suddenly was not there anymore.

 Night time came, thunder crashed outside and the atmosphere of the prison was heavy with mystery.  After lock down Charles felt restless, but he did what he always did and fell into fitful, restless sleep.  

 Charles Threlkeld woke to a shock.  there was yelling outside the cells and the doors were opened.  He jumped down out of his bunk and noticed his cell mate.  His eyes were wide open, ut he was dead.  The guards were going from cell to cell.  Charles stepped out into the hallway and then realized he was going  to get shot....or not.

  Charles looked at a guard.  "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to step out..."

  The guard yelled "I got one live one."  Charles was confused.  All the cell doors were open and he was standing in the walkway, not being shot.

  In moments he found out.  Every inmate in Chesterfield prison except a small handful who had been pleading their cases as innocent men, including him, was dead.  They had simply ceased living in the middle of the night.  The guards were in a state of shock, but they also knew, the only men left were the ones refused a minister to talk to because the warden either didn't care or figured they were just another bunch of scum.

  There was no explanation, just bodies.  For some reason, Charles knew, that strange man had something to do with it.

  Days later, without explanation, Charles Trelkeld was released because his accusers had recanted, and proof had been exposed that he in fact had not committed the crimes.






In the middle of a stretch of open desert in the southern United States was a piece of ground that was almost unbearably hot most of the time.  There was yellowish sand for miles, scrubby thistle bushes, and snakes.  In the middle of it was a dusty road that saw no traffic.  Down the dusty road was a fence fifteen feet tall with razor wire, a minefield, and another fence.  Guard towers monitored this place, which was several city blocks around with cement buildings in it's center, dogs, lasers, cameras, and armed guards instructed to shoot to kill.  No one, absolutely no one, was permitted to come close to the fence.  No one was allowed to leave once they trespassed on the section of desert. 

Inside the cement walls of the establishment was a maze of halls going to laboratory rooms.  Under ground were tunnels that resembled military installations, with jeeps, large strobe lights, trucks, and uniformed men with guns.  This establishment required a clearance that not even the president had.  Only certain people, scientists, lab specialists and engineers were allowed, and at the top of the ranks were a a small panel of men and women who answered to authority over the president himself.

In the lab rooms were living creatures, dead creatures, mechanisms and systems that space epic writers such as Gene Roddenberry could never have imagined.  Satellite monitors fed images to wall sized screens and communications went in and out that would have left the most advanced university scientists speechless.

Hovering over all of this was a man with a shining, large bald head, round glasses, a slight beard and mustache, and a black suit.  He had no sense of humor and his word was gospel.  If he instructed one of his officers to kill someone by slicing them to pieces on the spot, they  would do it or be sliced to pieces.

This man had no soul of any kind, and was simply a piece of steel getting things done.  He was nearly God on Earth, powerful enough to tell Congress to shove off.

His name was Steve.  He was known to all in the complex.  His favorite haunt was a room the size of a gymnasium with screens on each wall and a set of lab tables with belts and clamps in the middle, and all sorts of gadgets on them.  Steve oversaw operations here and his very large check was paid by a scientific organization which oversaw congress and other government agencies which were put in place to make people think they had leadership.

Steve had overseen the dissection of alien beings, space travel crafts and time and dimensional investigations.  

Inside his almost robotic shell he enjoyed his work, and was always glad to see a new project come in.

Then Steve's eyes and ears informed him of a new treat:  A very strange electrical storm had settled over a region with a prison in it, and strange things began to happen.  The entire inmate population except for a few, had died in on night.  To the south, a small criminal organization had all vanished in one night, into thin air.  

  Then Christmas came for Steve.  He encountered a strange least he looked like a man.  But he was not a man.  He had yellow eyes like a vampire, and when he passed a mirror a very frightening being reflected back, with wings and a monstrous body.  This man had strange powers, and he enjoyed  toying with people.  In exchange for a little service, he gave Steve a great gift, all he had to do was go get it and have some fun with it.

Early one Monday morning, Protos was working under the hood of his car, amusing himself with it, and decided to take a break and eat something.  He heated up  a pizza, opened a drink, and was partially done with it when a set of black cars surrounded his house.  They were accompanied by a military vehicle, and two dozen heavily armed men stormed his house, aimed guns at him, and one of them shoved a large needle in him.  As Protos wilted away to be taken captive he commented "I had no idea I wasn't supposed to work on my car here."

Protos was strapped to a metal table, metal restrains put in place, and he was latched down at the chest, arms, legs and head.  He was loaded into a truck, taken out of town and down the dusty road.  He was driven through the gates, into the halls, and put into an elevator.  He then descended deep into the Earth and was taken to the gym room where a set of electric pads were put on h is head to prevent him from moving his muscles, and his coat was taken off, his head shaved, and his clothing removed.  

With hard metal shackles on all of his body parts and his chest and head secured, Protos lay, looking up as the pads secured to his heads like stethoscopes pulsed waves of radio-power electricity designed to prevent him from moving.  Then the door opened and in came Steve.

"Well well.  Protos, my friend.  My name is Steve, but you may or may not know that already.  I have recently been gifted with the knowledge of a very powerful being who came to my planet and began making a lot of people disappear.  Criminals, inmates, gang leaders, my my, like a superhero in a very strange jacket."

"You're rude."  Protos said.  "A haircut and no coffee?"

Steve drew near.  "I don't have a sense of humor, Protos, but I have an enjoyable job, which is to extract usable materials from beings like you.  I'm aware of the mythology, Cretius, Lumaris, and the immortals who roam the universe, and you."

"Good.  I hate dumb dumbs."  Protos replied.

"This laboratory is far ahead of any of the junk the universities have, and we are going to use it to either extract the energies from you that enable you to bend reality, or we will force you to use them as we instruct you."  Steve said.  "Since the late 1930's the American science community has known that the key to the most powerful forces that exist is the ability to simply bend reality.

Protos moved his eyes and looked at Steve.  "Reality is a perception.  You were born into the 1950's.  Just because you were surrounded by houses, cars and props from that era, you identified it as 1959."

Steve smiled.  "Precisely.  And the world around us is perceived as solid and absolute.  Bend reality and you control it all.  Simply change the reality that one thousand rapists and murderers are alive, and they cease to exist, almost simple, yet, so amazing.  Would you agree?"


  Steve smiled.  "Good.  I have some assistants who are going to help us, and in a moment I will present you to them."

"Am I going to help you make a movie?"  Protos asked.

"No, you are going to help us make this world the way it needs to be, like it or not."

"I'd prefer the movie."  Protos said.  Steve looked at him.  "I want this man incapacitated."

Protos felt waves of energy go through him.  His eyes glazed over and he fell limp in his restraints.

  "Here is the story for your movie, Protos.  You now belong to me and I will extract that power from you for our organization to use, or you will be rendered capable only of following our orders.  The end."

Steve walked out of the lab.





A small conference room in the middle of the complex, five stories under ground, sat with a dozen scientists in lab coats and Steve stood before them, like the devil in front of a pile of minions.

  "In laboratory 5 we have at this moment captured and restrained the being you all were briefed about.  It's name is Protos.  Protos is ancient, and he has an inherent power to bend and alter reality at will.  We are going to scan his brain to learn more about him, and also link him to the central computer, Cybernetic Intelligence Defense System, CIDS, and once linked he will enable us to command both defensive and advance operations globally on a scale that is totally unimagined before this time and utterly unstoppable.  

"Control reality and you manufacture the world, my friends."

  Minutes later a set of black flat shoes carrying two model quality legs covered with a white lab uniform topped by a pretty but fierce face, tight lipped with short black hair and bangs came walking down the hall flanked by a handful of lab assistants including the Weasley Matt Woodard who followed her like a humble servant.

It was Sarah Wells, single, aggressive, and barking orders over her shoulder without turning as she went to lab 5.

 "Make sure it is sedated with a constant influx of Cradium Five, and not out of wavelength for one second.  It may be in human form, but one second of letting it have neural capacity will allow it to wreak havoc.  Matt, get the wires on it's head linked to the monitor screen so we can buffer it's brain waves and see what goes on in it's head."

There was a chorus of agreement as the doors opened and Sarah approached Protos, leaned close to his face, stroked his head and mocked him as the assistance scrambled like mice to be obedient.

"Poor Protos, you must be so unhappy.  All that long rock star hair cut off, your gorgeous coat taken away, and that powerful god like body reduced to vulnerable humanity where our radio waves make it useless.  No bringing peace and love to all the good humans while vaporizing the bad ones.  Yes, Sarah knows about you, and has talked to a friend of yours.  So sad, we could have been such good friends.  All a man is good for is to be owned by the right woman."

  Matt Attached wires to the helmet on Protos's head and linked them to a computer which handled the huge, wall sized monitor, about the size of a wall in a gymnasium.  Sarah walked like a dictator among the assistants as they worked and her fierce, unsmiling face looked stone like as she paced.  One of the assistants looked at a monitor and toyed with several knobs and levers.

Doctor Wells, we need to be careful, because he is on thirty percent C5 and if he goes over forty it could begin burning and damaging him."

  "Well then, keep it at thirty.  I wouldn't want my little space alien god wanna be to get too much sun tan, now would I?  At least not until I have what he has."

  The laboratory was abuzz with activity as Protos was linked to the monitor, and Steve entered with a handful of military men looking a bit like a reunion between MacArthur and Patton.  Steve smiled as he entered, as if he was a dog that had caught a huge rabbit and was about to feast.

"Gentlemen, since the nuclear and electronic age never has there been such a find as this.  The being in front of us has some form of power to bend and alter reality, a power which does not require bullets, bombs or radiation but can reduce an army to ashes with a simple wave of the hand."

Just behind Steve was a man who looked much like General Schwarzkopf but with a slight mustache.  He was Nathan Phillips, named for Nathan Forrest, the confederate general, and he regarded Protos before him as if he was a piece of meat.

  "So this thing is ancient, older than human civilization, and immortal.  Please tell me how you managed to get such a powerful beast on this table.

Steve smiled.  "We have a contact who is aware of nuclear physics, and informed of us how to streamline refined Cradium 5 into a neural wave and make this thing unable to utilize it's nervous center which is normal human biology.  It can see, hear, and think, but cannot move."

  Sarah stepped forward as a school girl anxious to make herself known to the powerful  man before her.  "We are about to translate it's brain waves into electronic signals to decode them.."

"Without the techno Jargon, Miss Wells."  Steve snapped.

"We are minutes from seeing it's thoughts on the screen and hours from controlling them to use it's power."

"Very good."  the general replied.  "I'd love to see this."

  Seeing the powerful men in front of her, Sarah became impatient.  "Are we readyyyyyy to do the translatingngngg, yeT?"  She hissed.

Matt smiled.  "Ready Doctor."
"Then we should make our guests happy and do iT."

Several lab assistants spoke quietly and evenly and the screen lit up.  The military men stepped back a step, impulsively as the screen lit up, as if slightly threatened.  Sarah and Steve remained where they were and grinned.





The screen in laboratory five lit up with the thoughts of Protos, almost like a television or theatrical film, clear, and room his point of view the lab technicians, Sarah, Steve and their handful of military men saw the show with ear splitting volume.

  A light so bright it filled the room and the technicians screamed and ducked for cover as the image of Cretius appeared, blazing so light that they could not uncover their eyes.  Sarah cursed, as did the Generals and Steve shook his head as pain shot through his eyes.  The scene faded to a dark image of the universe and what appeared to be a cloud of some unimaginable material took the shape of a human form, and as the room full of people blinked their eyes to recover, a voice said "you are the first of those who will be like you, and I call you Protos, the first."

  Protos, his long coat flowing out, stood, his eyes blazing blue, his long hair flowing, bent slightly and replied in a booming voice "Yes, father."

Images of a blue being, who became known as Asroth, flashed, and for a moment those in the room beheld worlds, their inhabitants, of varying sizes and shapes, moons, suns, and the immortals walking among them, Cirque with her flowing black hair, and Onan, the human like ruler of several worlds which filled with humanlike inhabitants.

These worlds filled with uncountable beings, but there were no armies, no police forces, no violence, or crime, but as the people in the room fell to the floor from the sight and volume of Protos's memories of his dwelling in the universe they saw music, beings inhabiting the planets in harmony, very much like human beings, but they saw no one victimizing anyone else. 

The screen began to emit smoke, as a towering, unspeakable being filled the screen and the lab technicians fell to the floor and crawled under the tables.  Sarah hissed angrily at them to return to their duties, to no avail.


A towering being with light radiating out from him, strikingly handsome and powerful looking stood in the screen. 

  "Protos, my brother, join me, and I will make you as powerful as me.  Stand with me and we will roam the entire universe and expose the hidden secrets of Cretius.  We will own all of the worlds, and I will make you..."
  Protos replied "Cretius is master of all that is, and it belongs to him.  I would not challenge him and try to overthrow the one who owns all things!"

"Do you ever get tired of being a servant, Protos?  You wander the worlds in power, why not be like a god?!"
"What you desire is evil, and I will not join you, Lumaris.  I will not take what is not mine by force.  All the worlds I see before me and my place in them is sufficient for me."

The computers begin to buzz and alarms began to sound, and the technicians tearfully refused to come out from where they were cowering as Sarah and Steve yelled at them.  Even the military men were bent slightly over, standing on the other side of the table where Protos was, slightly quivering as his mind was probed.  His heart raced and sweat began to drip off of him and alarms sounded.  Sarah herself launched into the controls and Matt Woodard peed himself as the screen smoked and sparked.

The sound of lightning and thunder, explosions so loud it rocked the lab, issued forth and the capacity of the system was overloading as Lumaris struggled against Cretius and Protos shielded inhabitants of planets with his own body, his hair turning white and his coat tattering as Lumaris, like some demonic being, struggled and fought, then shot through the darkness into the stars with a bang that blew some of the equipment.  Protos recovered and became himself again, but Onan stood atop a mountain and screamed in rage as he saw the ruined cities and the bodies of his people. 

  The screen shattered and the machinery in the room fell to flames, and Steve, Sarah and the generals worked to put out the fires.

  Sarah then hissed at the lab technicians.  "You are fired, you cowards!"

  Steve smiled as the military men replaced fire extinguishers and surveyed the wreckage.  Protos remained secured.
Just think of the power we can control!  All we have to do is clean up the lab, and that wont take but a few hours!" 

  Nathan looked at him.  "I completely agree.  Clean this lab up, and get started with whatever you have to do to harness this thing's imagery, and gentlemen..."  he addressed the lab technicians as they  looked at him in horror."

Our society has been based on certain scientific theories and beliefs which are in our schools, colleges, and the basis for the thinking of society.  Not one word of this alien being's memories leave this building, do you hear me?  The public cannot and will not know any of this, or...some people may suffer the consequences."  He said.

"Y-y-yes sir."  Matt whimpered as the others nodded.

Leaving the wrecked lab, the general strolled down the halls.Behind him the others recalled what they had seen. "Our entire existence..."one of them said and Nathan cut him off.  ..."will remain what the hell we tell them."
Sarah regained control of the laboratory and busied her technicians with pullout out all of the damaged equipment and replacing it with fresh keyboards and monitors, and she personally remained at the end of the day and oversaw the replacement of the large screen, taken down and replaced with another of gargantuan size, then she walked over to the computer which was maintaining the Cradium five waves which were keeping the sweaty form of Protos immobile.  She adjusted the levels then walked to his table.
"Interesting memories Protos.  So your big powerful daddy has whole other universes and dimensions and when your buddy wanted you to be promoted and become one of the big league players you chose to wuss out in the name of some misguided loyalty.  Interesting story.  It would make a good novel.  In your shoes I'd be a god right now."
Sarah trotted out of the lab.
Night was chilly and dark over the desert, and a shooting star crossed the sky, then flamed out and vanished.  Guards stood at their posts, and men in uniform monitored the land surrounding the lab so that none of the idiots who took their monster trucks and bikes into the sand got near it.
In the semi dark lab, a whirlwind spun, then a light flashed and suddenly a reddish being, with bat like wings, goldish brown spiked hair and eyes that glowed yellow like a vampire appeared in the room.  It was Asroth, who focused his energy and radiated a new image, a man in a lab outfit, his eyes still glowing.  Indeed, no matter what form he chose to display, he had merely to cross a mirror or window for his true form to be visible and his eyes, or his "mark", could not be changed and remained the same as did his hosts, who themselves became the creatures of vampire lore.  Asroth began to sing as he danced his way sarcastically toward the table where Protos was laying.
"All by myself...I'm gonna be, allll by myself..."  I bet you hated that song, didn't you dear brother.  I'm sorry, you probably want something a little meaner..."
Asroth drew near Protos, who stared blankly upward.  "Ah, but I am forgetting my manners.  I first owe you an apology for meeting this Sarah broad and talking to her about Cradium five.  I mean, seriously, this woman has the personality of an onion and jalapeno sandwich, have you ever seen a human female so stiff, so overbearing, so bitchy, so bossy...."  Asroth slapped his forehead.  "What on EARTH abuse did she endure that made her such a tart!  Could you imagine a human man making a pass at her?  OH. GOOD. LORD.  If he touched her leg he would probably incinerate."
Asroth shook his head.   "Yes, dear brother, I did indeed-imuss tell them that Cradium five would neutralize your human nervous system and they could hold you down with buffers of it.  I'd like to say I am sorry..." Asroth put a hand on his chest and bellowed operatically ..."but we know where this is going, don't weeeeeeeeeeee?"
Asroth  appeared suddenly on the other side of Protos.  "I will never understand your fondness for these human beings.  When I saw them first appear it took me only a moment to know they had to be brought into subjection.  Stupid are they, dear brother, did you notice, oh me oh my, did you notice that when they accessed your memories they were not concerned with anything except making sure that their little view points remained in the public eye...ahh, but Sarah does not know Lumaris was banished, does she, she actually thinks she would be a goddess....."  Asroth stood mockingly erect.  "A goddess, that woman?  Okay, okay, I admit she has a face and legs like a model but, a goddess?  Even I would want off this planet then."
Asroth patted Protos.  "I won't apologize for you landing on that table, I will only say I'm sorry for that hardcore broad putting her hands on you.  I am amusing myself, but you knew that.  Sleep well dear brother.  I am enjoying the show."
Asroth blew Protos a kiss.  "Don't you think I look good in a lab coat?"  He asked, then vanished.
At that moment, in the top of a high rise apartment in the upscale section of downtown, two hours away, a man with a tight military cut to his hair was getting out of bed for a very special mission.
As a child, he had played with soldiers in his bedroom reenacting every was from the revolution forward.  As a teen he had studied military history, politics and religion and when he went into the army he was the picture perfect image of the soldier down to how well each hair was trimmed.  His ambition was to go into politics and maybe run for office.  The day his superiors noticed him was the day that changed.
The first thing that happened was that he was put in a special program to gather intelligence and maintain the national security of the US behind the scenes as an "invisible" agent, meaning he got special training, special assignments, went by a separate set of rules and was owned by the government.  They knew where he lived, who he lived with, every communication...largely because they authored them.  
Finally he found out that a particular organization had been assembled with specific leadership which dictated down the line to the kingdoms, the states, and all leaders, behind the scenes, with the citizenry conveniently unaware of their existence, and essentially every nation was merely a facade, with citizens being ruled by one unseen government.  
This man fit in because the leadership utilized alien technology among others, all developed at the lab, to maintain the control and balance of their seven plus billion global charges.  When the leadership became aware that a super being walked among them, they needed someone who could act as a conduit for his power whom they could control.   Sixty years before this man was born, science had developed mind control, and they had refined the concept down to taking a willing subject, putting them n a lab table like the one Protos was one, placing a helmet on their head, and with the aid of electronics, lasers, Cradium Four and a balance of chemicals in the blood stream to maintain blood pressure and emotional stability, and making them able to control the brain of another who was linked to them.
The one to be controlled was Protos, and the one who was to be the pawn to control him, owned by Steve, the agent of the invisible government, was this man, Bartholomew Pope, who was the volunteer to mind link with the most powerful alien ever encountered and help harness his power for the use of his shadow government.  
With this on his mind, Bart put on his work clothes and got into a military transport vehicle sent to make damn sure that on the way to the lab, Bart was not prevented from arriving by any force of man.  As the sun broke the horizon, Steve, a bleary eyed Sarah, several top ranking government officials, and military men, all who officially did not exist, waited for the transport, which rolled through the compound gates, into the halls, and from whence Bart was plucked by armed men and escorted to a clean, well equipped Laboratory 5, where Protos lay, the sweat rinsed off of him, next to the table  Bart was to occupy.  Bart entered and shed his work clothes, since clothing he was not going to need to become the most valuable lab rat humanity had ever not known.
Bart stretched out on the table, and the helmet was placed on him.  One of the generals came up and started yammering away about how this historic event, blah blah blah, your service to the Global Government, blah blah blah, true patriotism, mankind, yap yap yap which Bart ignored.  Then came a very gorgeous chunk of ice with acid for blood who began to address him as lab techs clickied on computers and the weasel of weasels, Matt Woodard, sat his carcass down to adjust radiation levels.
"We have to raise levels of C5 on Protos so it will have weakened brain waves and slightly up the levels of C4 so enable you to link with it's brain.  You will see from it's mind like from yours, and you will simply use your own strength to harness it.  We have three tests to administer, then you both will be implanted with a device to maintain your control over it, and you will be placed under lab control so you can manipulate it's power.  Any questions?"
"Can I have a beer when we're done?"
Steve, pacing as if controlling Frankenstein's lab, barked "it we are ready, let us proceed."
Sarah told Matt to up th e C5 levels, and  one of the generals retrieved a pack of Yummie Gummies from his jacket pocket and began chewing them as Bart felt his body temperature change.
Suddenly Bart felt odd as the helmet on his head buzz, he became aware of new body sensations.  Matt clucked loudly from his computer "I  am raising the cee five levels, and Protos's vitals are straining but stable.  Lowering body temp on Bart."  Another voice said "Initiating electro balance.  He should be linked with Protos any second.
Bart had always wondered what it would be like to see through another being's eyes.  Suddenly he wished he had never found out.  
All at once he saw Protos come into being, dwelling in the universe, a powerful being among other beings, and he saw worlds, many worlds, with countless inhabitants that grew in number and intelligence, created new worlds, developed new technology, and were led by Onan, Asroth and others.  
He saw Lumaris push for control, banished to a small planet, and his confederates dominate humanity.  He saw worlds in which war, crime and poverty did not exist, and where beings got along, and so alarming were his visions he almost forgot his sworn duty as he moved his arms and legs, as instructed by Sarah Wells and found that he was being tested, and had control of Protos, who moved in harmony with him.
  His eyes began seeing what Protos saw, and his ears heard Sarah Wells bark at him to envision the Earth, which he did, and focus his energies on creating  hurricane.  
Planet Earth was so clear in his mind's eyes, so detailed, and he could hear the activities on it's surface, a vision he found utterly awe inspiring, seeing through the eyes of an immortal.
Bart began to imagine a hurricane forming, and he felt energy coursing through his body.  He looked at Protos and saw sweat rolling from his body, hos skin discolored, his eyes rolled back, and he realized he was overwhelming him and his resistance.  The lab techs chattered as they struggled to maintain Protos's vitals, and as the hurricane began to form, wind picking up and water being drawn from the sea, it was challenging the balance of the Earth as it formed with such speed that the eco system was strained.  
Sarah yelled at the technicians, who continually raised the Cradium five levels, and soon, Protos was bleeding from his nose and mouth, his body straining against the belts and buckles, and Bart felt himself begin to sweat.  His heart was racing, and he saw the hurricane in his mind's eye exploding with such fury it was amazing.  Bart realized, he was doing this, and he felt the energies flow from k.  Protos to himself, his body beginning to get hot, his heart racing and he heard Sarah say coldly in his ear, "there is an island off the coast of Africa.  You are seeing through Protos's eyes because of the mind link.  Do you see it?"  Bart nodded.
"Send your hurricane to destroy it."   She said.  Bart began to question and he heard Sarah in his ear.  "You don't have to work at it, this is Protos's power.  Just intensely will for it to happen."
Bart heard Steve and his military men excitedly ranting in joy about what was being achieved, and suddenly his hurricane bore down on an African island, sweeping ashore, smashing into cities, villages, towns, and destroying everything in it's path with such fury it melted the island down within minutes.
  Bart was overwhelmed with awe that he had simply created a hurricane, wiped out an island and all of it's inhabitants, and committed genocide in seconds, and as he opened his eyes to see the joy and jubilation of those in the lab, he also thought of having killed tens of thousands simply to test the ability of human beings to  weaponize the power of a demigod.
Matt had upped the radiation level of the Cradium Five to such a point that Protos had blisters, burns, and his skin had peeled, blood dripped to the floor, and smoke was rising.  Sarah was unphased.  "All we need is it's brain, burn the rest to a cinder.  Once we electro link it to Bart it's purpose is served.  Steve was laughing almost uncontrollably, giddy like a child.  He babbled about history, high rank in the government, unstoppable new world government, and is generals were grinning and laughing.  
Bart Felt a mixture of awe and self hatred.  For once his dedication to the world government and his humanity clashed.  He looked at Sarah Wells, cold, steel, heartless, looking at him with a sneer, and wanted to ask her how many people he had killed on the island, but he decided no sense asking a demon how many people her minion had butchered in the name of an experiment. 
Suddenly Matt turned to Sarah.  "Protos has been exposed to so much Cradium five his organs are melting.  His vital signs are failing and he will die of a massive stroke and heart attack in about three minutes if we don't back off."
Sarah walked calmly over and raised one eyebrow.  "We only need it's brain.  Lower it enough not to damage that, and I don't care if you cook the rest of it with vegetables.  In fact, once we have electrolinked them, we will anyhow."
Steve shivered excitedly as he asked "Have we isolated the source of it's power and harnessed it to our control then?"
Sarah looked at him.  "We have.  Keep it's brain in tact, and with a three hour surgery we put it in a jar and you now have the greatest power source man can imagine, and you need Bart, and anyone else you can electrolink to him.  If it worked in the nineteen sixties, it will work now."
A lump of material that had been part of Protos fell to the floor, leaving exposed bone.  Sarah looked, then casually looked away.  "That's gross."  She commented.
Steve was giddy as if insane, and he babbled "at last, science has harnessed the power of GOD!  We can control the world will the power of WILL!  WE ARE NOW ALL GODS!  SCIENCE IS OUR HOLY..."
Suddenly there was a rumble in the room, and the computers began to smoke.  Flames rolled out of the monitors and the lab technicians ran for the door.  Sarah screamed at them, then she stopped and turned in alarm.
The restraints holding Protos broke loose, and a melted, bleeding corpse rose, then looked at the humanity before him, who's giddy joy had melted into silent shock.
Protos's skin closed and healed, his hair came back out and draped down his back, his beard reappeared and he raised his arms, his clothing and coat draping down over his body, and in seconds, he was as though he had never been taken.  He gestured at the restraints holding Bart and said. "You are free to go.  You are still human and there is hope for you."
Protos turned to the others.  "You are not Gods, you are monsters not fit to be human.  For you there is no hope."  Protos walked up and looked into Sarah's face, which was a mask of black rage.  "Go to hell you thing!"  She hissed.
Proto regarded her.  "You are one of the most cold, unfeeling and inhuman beings I ever encountered.  I wish you to be first to meet my associate."
 Steve was babbling as Protos turned to him.  "Your island is still in tact, you merely THOUGHT you destroyed it.  Asroth lied to you.  Cradium five is simply a substance that gives me an itch.  It has no power over me.  Asroth told you that to amuse himself, and I let you play out your fantasy to give you one last chance, and you blew it." 
Asroths words filled the room as if being played back.  "but we know where this is going, don't weeeeeeeeeeee?  I am amusing myself, but you knew that.  Sleep well dear brother.  I am enjoying the show."
Protos looked at his silent, stunned audience.  "I now introduce you to a friend of mine, with whom you will remain, tormented by the pain you have inflicted on others."
The room faded away and a great darkness surrounded them all, and two huge gates appeared int he lab, swinging open.  In the gates sat Onan, roaring in rage, the one time father of nations on other planets, enraged by the destruction of his people and assigned to visit pain on those who gave it to others.  The sight of Onan put everyone in the room in terror, and Sarah looked at him, then looked at Protos with tears of rage streaming down her cheeks.  "YOU BASTARD!"  She screamed at Protos.
A wind blew up and caught the screaming human beings and they were drawn through the gates, which shut behind them, and the room faded back into being a laboratory.  Protos turned to Bart, who stared at him.  "Your empire of darkness is not worth serving my friend but in time you will figure that out.  there is hope for you."  Protos willed Bart back to his apartment and walked out of the lab.  
Protos walked calmly down the halls of the laboratory as men in uniform surrounded him and fired tens of thousands of rounds to stop him, screamed orders, and commanded him to halt.  He walked out, into the daylight outside and down the roadway.  
The gates of the compound fell before him and Protos walked calmly out of the area, as moke rose, and the entire compound rose in flame behind him.
As Protos walked away, Asroth stood in the sky, looking down on the smoke and laughed loudly.  




















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