Journey till now

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Journey of a man who follows his dreams.
Would he reaches or he fails?

Submitted: June 26, 2012

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Submitted: June 26, 2012



I dreamt bad last night,
woke up before the dawn, felt restless,
Then i set to a way.
Inner voices guided me.
I travelled through south saw a star shining,
past through a desert storm i felt something gleaming in the sky.
It was a hope of something unimaginable,
I walked, ran, crawled thinking, shaking my legs breaking the law of my nature,
It became darker but the vision of the star became more clearer than never
Something was holding me back, it echoed in my ears. Oh! You never can.
But my eyes were set on the direction.
My hands were trembling as i resisted any rest.
My head knew that consequences could be bad.
But again my heart pumped and thrilled me up for the upcomings.
I knew, this will change the way i lived.
The world thought that i got crazy and i should stop and return back to home.
But why? Why should i stop chasing my dreams?
I beared pain and suffering remorse and discontentment all through the way.
I saw a figure, it terrified me.
I heard somebody crying,
I walked near him, but it started running.
I ran, I saw my feet bleeding and thorns were there.
It made me unable to move further.
I heard my name calling.
I crawled towards the voice..
My legs bled profusely.
Suddenly, the lights became more brighter than the sun,
And a figure stopped...
It was so bright that it almost blinded me.
I asked it, What is this going, Who are you?
The figure came closer, I could feel the heat and the lights piercing in my body
Stop crying you fool, See, What you have done to me
It stopped and a flash of light slapped my face.
What have i done?
The figure replied, stop chasing me you idiot, I am tired of running from you.
I paused, looked around, Oh. Why? Where am I?
What have i done to myself?
Then, it said, you were about to die and I was assigned by the god to help u from the tragic.
But, soon, i realised that for past many days you were running after me.
I dint knew of what you are upto,
So, when i saw your condtion, I felt strange and ran for my life.
But now i could figure out, why god asked me to keep you alive.
Your dreams and dedication amused him.
So, here is a gift of power from him.
What power?
The Power to achieve what you dream.
That i already did,
You struggled a lot achieving it, but now onwards you may not need to put any effort.
I stood up, i dint cared about my legs.
Turned back,
Where are you going?
Are you not happy?
I am.. but
But what?
Tell the god that I dream many dreams, In which several times i die doing things.
Take back this power, its a curse to me.
Iam happy with what i got. Iam contented.

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