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The truth will out. Things need to change. Things are coming to the surface to be acknowledged, analysed and healed. Individually, en masse and GLOBALLY.

Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012




I awoke this morning with something rather special running through my mind. It was as if I was hearing a commentary in my mind and it was coming from inside me yet from somewhere else too.

No I am not mad.

I would lovingly like to share it with you.

You do not have to agree, believe, nor accept as your truth unless of course it resonates with you. It all certainly resonated with me.

We have heard and are largely aware that the year 2012 is going to change things somehow. For my part I feel, however, that 2012 is only the ‘beginning’ of some really massive changes. Now I do not know the specifics any more than anyone else, I am not privy to that. However, for some reason, and I feel I can trust the information I received this morning and not just this morning, rather information that I have been picking up since around the mid eighties (perhaps even before then)

If you have not been living underground, or in a bunker or cave, you will have seen what is happening on the streets, around our towns and cities, and of course in our country and countries all over the world. Not all of it being a pretty picture. You will have seen earthquakes, sunami’s, struggles and protests, violence on massive scales, eruptions and upheavals of all manner.

Long story short : scum always rises to the top.

If you look at yourself, you will probably see that a lot has been happening around you (and indeed, within you) you may be more irritated at things, you may have noticed more things are getting you down – like clutter in the house for example or you have been having more problems on one level or another (challenges) I sure know I have! Wow and how!

I can look back at times when I really did not know where to turn or what to do. Then I found that by being the real me, and not pretending to be someone else – and also recognising I too have a right to be seen and heard - I spoke from my truth. Oh dear, was there fallout. Yes relationships have changed and some very close relationships (family) have changed and it was very difficult, upsetting and I had to work hard to get through it.I had to allow myself to fully grieve and then gently release. Of course the family I have let go, have a right to their needs, truth and choices and who am I to impose me or mine onto them? But I let go with love and send healing every night almost without fail.

But after the struggle and the upset, a different way of being came about. I am very different from how I was in the 60, 70s, 80s – now, although sometimes I find it extremely difficult, I speak up for how I really feel, and it is very, very liberating and freeing.

When I was married before, it broke up as I could not put up with the abuse, when I was in social services I could not put up with the abuse by my bosses, and I spoke the truth which was ignored I was then medically retired from my position as senior social worker.

When dealing with anyone and anything, I found it more and more difficult to suck up anything that did not ‘feel’ right to me. I found lies abominable. I hated it when people said one thing to my face and another behind it. When I spoke my truth, that is, said how I felt, things changed. Some people cannot stand me, but that is ok, they are where they want to be and perhaps need to be.

Things continue to change for the better. However it is not easy. It will get easier I know that. I have noticed that once you really say what you feel, and what you think – preferably without harm or hurt (as much as is possible to another) then things rapidly change for you and for them. But this detachment from people, things, jobs, places, etc needs to be done with love, acknowledgement and therefore allow healing. Yes you will grieve, feel loss and will need to acknowledge it and deal with it before you let it go. Only then can it be healed.

If we shut up and put up, to keep the peace, or keep the status quo, things will grow and fester until it reaches such a crescendo, it is like a boil will need to be lanced. Lessons and challenges will be repeated until you really ‘get it’.

A lot of this is common sense and any good book on relationship psychology will tell you the same. Let go with love. Love yourself and let go of ALL negative emotions such as anger, hurt, guilt, regret, sadness. But of course, we need to go through the emotions to come out the other end. Having said this, it is wonderful to know that we are all able to do this and as a result have a much better life (reality) and better relationships and happiness scores.

On a wider and more ‘global’ scale, this is what is happening. Things are changing. The energy has changed. The vibrations around us are now encouraging us to be truthful, honest, loving, kind and also to ourselves – first and then everything else will basically take care of itself.

We have seen how more and more frequently we are learning about truth coming out here and there, take as an example the phone hacking scandal. Also, the MP’s expenses scandal and of course all the problems happening with the banking system having given out inaccurate information on mortgage protection policies and now are paying dearly for the error. Much more is coming.

Love is key.

We are extricating ourselves from a heavy dark period of materialism and greed, corruption, hatred and basically ego problems but are now headed into a lighter brighter future. However, many more people will be involved in scandals, corruption will be more and more to the fore, protests will be more frequent and people are saying they have had enough of the darkness and lies. The trouble comes of course, when the power struggles occur. Those who are in control, or have the means to corrupt, coerce, bribe, force, or try in any other way to get humanity at all levels to ‘obey’ and follow imposed rules, laws and injustice will create absolute havoc. Yes there will be more pain.

They will not succeed.

Yes there will be deaths through war, suicides due to lack of money to feed families or maintain a roof over themselves, but many will not succumb. There will be more jobless, homeless, and those without a country through economic or other reasons. There will be starving, thirsty and ill people, but not all will succumb.

The one thing we must each hang onto, is that we have choice. We can choose to be consumed by the fear of struggle, pain, hurt, hunger etc, or we can choose to go through it and still maintain our self identity, speaking our own truth, being honest, and positive and not succumb to adversity, because we will be subjected to all manner of adversity. Emotionally, physically, physiologically, intellectually, financially and environmentally.

Now is the time to be strong and recognise there is safety in numbers.

Having people around us who feel as we, and there are a lot out there already fighting the fight, gives us our support and also the inner strength to do what is right and just. There will be people who offer help and support during the times we want to practically give up, but we will not. The more you fight with hate, the more hate you will get. Come from truth, love and justice (doing what is right) and the path will be easier.

Hate is negative and leads to the darkness

Fear is negative and leads to more fearful challenges

Love is powerful, truth IS power and these equal strength, especially if multiplied up by millions (that is of course the amount of people who are now claiming back their right to a right and just society, and to love, peace and humility.

Please understand the more you are able to let go of, the lighter you will become. Things have a habit of cluttering up our homes and places of work, and similarly things not previously dealt with in ourselves and in the global state of affairs also clutter up and make dark and stagnant the life of the planet and the lives of those who live on the planet.

I see it this way. I feel is this way. Our planet is basically shaking off the fleas so she doesn’t have to keep scratching herself to pieces. Please see this how I intend it, I use this analogy to mean parasites sucking the life blood out of the planet and her inhabitants.

Hence earthquakes, tsunami, wars, chaos, it is akin to a mother warning her brood not to do this or that because they will get ill or have an accident. Those who do not learn to behave in a loving, just and compassionate manner will find they have no place to hide. Their control patterns that have lasted for millennia are coming to an end and now is the time for renewal. Spring is coming and with it changes all around.

Expect the unexpected.

We are already seeing increases in all manner of negativity being reported in the news and media generally. This is the result of the new energy reaching places it never reached before, and it will get a lot stronger before it all settles. Until all has been brought to the surface to be healed and cleansed, the purification will continue.

Be aware of your thoughts: thoughts are as powerful as the spoken word. All of these are vibrational and will create positive or negative effects. Rather like our emotions, try and keep an eye on how you are feeling, take time to look at the situation confronting you, analyse it and then let it go with love and gratitude. For all that served you well before, will not now necessarily do so. Love yourselves and be gentle with yourselves and others as far as you can.

Try and create joy around you and within you. Feel the glow. Do the things you really want to, and withdraw from anyone and anything that does not fit with how you are now, this moment, and keep reassessing how you are feeling. Learn to keep moving, anything not keeping up with you will fall by the wayside (as it must) and will stagnate.

You will see people ending relationships, with their partners, family, employers, education, all manner of things where the old ways no longer ‘fit’. People are in need of a new, fresh, more spiritual way or ways of co-existing with everything. Globally chaos and havoc at all levels is an absolute necessity. Clearing away the outmoded practices and methods etc.

People want and need harmony in their lives. Values and priorities are changing.

People do not want war, strife, inequality at any level. People no longer wish to be treated like slaves or children. People need to be taking back their OWN power and they are doing it RIGHT NOW. Remember, from that wonderful piece of writing called Desiderata ‘YOU are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars’……………… enjoy the ride it is going to be a very interesting time for us all.

I am just one of the many :0) I am at the same time at my most basic EVERYTHING and nothing, and I am infinite as is everyone on the planet. We are not just the meat bag we inhabit.

Do not be afraid of ANYTHING. You do not die and enter a dark abyss of nothingness, rather you are energy, conscious energy and you (all of us) are indestructible, infinite and more beautiful and powerful than any of us at this moment can ever imagine.

All in front of you is pure illusion to knock you off centre. Just to keep you in the stranglehold of the few who currently control everything.

They will lose.

You cannot die. Only this birthday suit (great name for it actually) is able to be deleted, deconstructed, disassembled or downgraded, degraded and decomposed. The truth is, you ARE NOT just a bag of meat, you are conscious energy having a human experience – in my case, as Vee at this time in this place – but I AM NOT VEE I am so much more, as are each and every one of us, we ARE beautiful, marvellous, and immortal conscious energy and whether anything I have written resonates or not with you, eventually you WILL find your truth in all ways.

Remember, the world isn’t ending, only the old ways that have held us all back in chains.

Much love, peace, and many blessings to you all and thank you so very much for reading this.

Vee StJohn-Byles

Saturday 3rd March 2013.

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