Remember If ?!

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i suppose, it's about an angel, that falls in love with a mortal, who ages and dies and disposes of her love knowing she can't stay. The angel however, waits for her to be re-incarnated and the story starts again.

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012



Remember if, in ancient time,

we sat, we talked, drank wine.

And pondered on, what was to be,

if angels were born free.

Not knowing then, as time passed you by,

forgotten faces, forgotten smiles.

Of countless meetings and paths that crossed,

on summer evenings and morning frosts.

The glimpse that felt like 'de ja vous',

is everytime things start anew.

The subtle changes, this time around,

distract me, until you i've found.

And once again, the wheel can turn,

where yet again, you then re-learn.

And slowly recall, what we held true,

when you held me and I held you.

While others think you're dis-affected,

you don't fit in, in turn rejected.

Just pushed aside, and thought of last,

is when the floods of memory past.

Return to you and fill your mind,

and once again, return to find.

The one, who you once threw away,

has never left, will always stay.

For all of life's eternity,I'll cling to you eternally.

Though I start to doubt, if enough strength I hold, to see again, this tale unfold.

So, if for the last time, the circle breaks again, and another glitch in time,

I'll await the memory when, we'll sit, we'll talk, share wine.

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