The Apartment Elevator

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The apartment building where I am currently living is said to be standing for more or less 2 decades and many of the residents here are spooked by urban legends and some stories circulating within this 9-story establishment.

But in my thoughts, there's something more than that.

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



I've only lived here for about 8 months and my neighbors here try to warn me through stories that many find creepy.

The way they tell those stories only add up to convincing me into believing it is true. But I wanted hard evidence.


The story goes like this.

Our apartment used to have an operating elevator just a year ago. Like most elevators, it had an operator standing by inside throughout the day. Usually, the operator stays there until dawn and from 2 in the morning until 8, the operator leaves to go home. Only two men work on the 1st level during graveyard shifts: the operator and the guard. It's funny that both of them bears the same name, Leo. To avoid confusion, we simply call the guard "Guard" and the operator "Leo".

Guard was in his early 40's while Leo was in his mid 20's. Boredom and their work time brought the two to friendship. They usually chat together when most of the tenants are asleep. The reason why Leo is still around during those times is because they both wait for two more tenants to arrive, Jenna and Bill. Jenna and Bill are engaged and lives on the 9th floor. Jenna and Bill are both call center agents that work during graveyard shifts. That makes Jenna and Bill the last people to enter the apartment.

Normally, before the clock strikes at 2 in the morning, Jenna and Bill rides the elevator together with Leo. The couple enters to their room at the top floor and sleeps during the day. Most neighbors know that.

That midnight routine happens again and again. Until something happened.

In one night, the engaged couple was with their friend, an unnamed man that looks like he's in his 30's just like Jenna and Bill. The following conversation has been recorded in a surveillance camera at that night with the lens pointing at  the ground floor particularly at the elevator area. (The words have been translated from Tagalog to English)

Jenna: Good to see you, Guard. May you allow our friend to sleep for this night only. He got issues in his house so...

Guard: (nods) But I need to join with you upstairs for security reasons.

Bill: Sure.

The four of them entered the elevator while Leo clicks on the button and the elevator closes. Minutes later, something like a crashing sound is heard from the elevator area. No sound was heard after,

The video was seen in the monitor on the guard's desk and the neighbors assume that the elevator did crash down and the five of them did not survive.


It was 4 months after that incident when I started to rent a room. I was assigned at the top floor since most of the rooms here are occupied. My room was just next to Jenna and Bill's. On my first few weeks of staying, I tried to befriend with other tenants but all of them shared the same story about those five people in the elevator. One of them even showed me the video. Most of them was horrified, I was curious instead.

After hearing the story several times, I asked them "What happened next?".

Some of them just got petrified like they were afraid of it. Most of them also got petrified but with a sense of hiding some secret. The one that showed me the video, Quiel (one of my first friends here), spilled to me the events that happened next.


The story goes on like this.

Jenna, Bill, Guard, Leo, and a friend really went inside the elevator. The video showed that they got inside but didn't show if they got outside. The next minutes, the crashing sound was heard and confirmed the neighbors' suspicion that the elevator indeed did crash.

Police came to investigate the place. The elevator door was forced to be open and found that it crashed down 5 floors below the ground level. They opened it and found no bodies, living nor dead. The apartment was scoured and found no signs about them. The elevator was closed and all of us had to climb the stairs which explains why my feet are always sore.

The question was, where did those five go? The morning after, no one heard of them. The job for the elevator operator was closed. The guard was replaced. No one was living in the room next to mine. And the friend remains unnamed.

The five of them got into the missing persons case.


The story spread like wildfire and was picked up by the media. It was quoted as one of the most unusual cases in the city. Within the year, people started theorizing about what happened to them. Some say they escaped the building to avoid paying the rent but that would be ridiculous since the guard was with them. Some say they were kidnapped and I sense a little truth there. Some say that four of them was strangled by one of the group and escaped together with the bodies. Those theories only made the story turn into a scary tale. All of us really don't know what happened to them. Between Quiel and I, we both believe that they're still alive but we just don't know where they went.

Like others, I also theorized about them.

I believe they're alive. I believe they're just near. I believe they were trapped. I just believe but I do not know yet that's why I'm going to seek what really happened.

I will be posting more evidence in future entries. That is all for today.

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