Missing Words

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Written as a song for the reasons stated in the poem

You want me to tell you I Love You
you say you need to hear me say
but I don't understand the confusion
when it's spoken in a thousand ways
Don't you hear it in the looks that I give you
is it silent in the smile on my face
in the noisy ways that I always stay true
in the sound of my life-dance, the pace
don't you see in the ways that my soul sings
in the jumbled up ways of my thinking
in the quieting peace that your presence brings
and the chorus of caring in my blinking
can't you walk all the ways on this mountain of love
that rose from the deep sea of the unwanted me
letting the rains of it's vastness falling from above
nurture the you that you're wanting to be
For not always the obvious clear-visioned thing
touches the deep inner sunrise of loving
often the dark forests of fear of forgetting
clutter the consciousness in the receiving
But if you need me to tell you I love you
if you need the impoverished words
if you need the nuances of noises
though I truly do think it's absurd.....
I love You
I love you
I....love you

Submitted: May 28, 2009

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