Shining Oneness

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a wedding poem for Bjorn and Kristin

Submitted: December 02, 2008

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Submitted: December 02, 2008



It is the breeze that gently moves through your pastures of contentment.
Or the stream that wanders happily through your valley of serenity.
It can be the thunder that wakens your sleeping soul to the fullness of this life's experiencing.
and perhaps the lightning that inspires your empathy even in the midst of your own sorrows.
It is the fresh spring blossomed tones of togetherness,
the summer swallow's flighted dancing of belonging
or the autumn morning's misted enclosing of companionship
and the winter's strangely moving Nordlys, ablaze with sensuous longing
It may gush from you like a mighty waterfall
or gently settle on you like the delicate summer's butterfly
You may you see it glistening in each refreshing raindrop
feel it in the moon's prism'd reflections on an oceaned beach
Thus shall your infinite spirits together gather
all the rich full harvest of Love's seeds,
until you have completed this life's journey
having experientialised your hopes, desires and needs.
Then shall you fulfill, with and through each other,
that which you came into this life's walk to sense
Allowing your spirits to wander ever further
through the infinity of Love, so immense.
Even before there was anything, there was Love
Love was the beginning, yet Love has no end
In this illusion of time, space and form, Love is the only reality.
For all, all is the symbiotic Oneness of Love.
And we are all, each one of us, the shining of that Oneness.
The sparkling aspects of the One Divinity
Surely it was for this purpose that you agreed to come into this reality,
Have come unto this moment, this shared experience......
that together you may shine, radiant with the beauty, the magnificence, of expressed Love.
Given unconditionally.

Received with the blessing of thankfulness.

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