Upon Questioning Ulor the Feared

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An interview with Ulor the Feared about his rule over Aetyid and the Goblin Race.

Submitted: September 24, 2009

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Submitted: September 24, 2009



Begin transmission:


INQUISITION: Feel you no remorse for the death you have caused throughout this land?


ELUCIDATION: No. To govern is to be feared. All previous leaders that were loved were overpowered by those civilizations that had a far more frightening master.


INQUISITION: How does this give you the right to extinguish so many lives for your leadership?


ELUCIDATION: A feared leader must be ruthless. They must commit crimes against human nature to bring about realization of punishment. All wrong must be treated with wordless correction via chastisement. And as life is full of relativity, I must surpass all opinions of “evil” and become the one true mediator.


INQUISITION: How do you reason that all is relative?


ELUCIDATION: There are many separate beings in this land, all of whom carry thoughts and considerations of their own. For instance, what one might consider cold another might consider hot. Experience breeds individualism. As one is horrified by the death of an animal, a neighbor has witnessed murder and thought not twice of it. This process is repeated throughout the minds of every unique organism in the world. This is why I must commit atrocities none have seen, for none can stomach what has never been attempted. To be a true leader you must be a scar upon the history of our tale.


INQUISITION: But most do not remember tragedies to compare such things to. Why must you eclipse that which is not considered?


ELUCIDATION: You say it is not considered, though that is a falsehood. History is remembered, even if embellished or faded. All of time has it's place, no matter the remembrance or accuracy of the point.


INQUISITION: Yet you did not cease. Even as your enemies surrendered, you continued to slaughter all that gave the slightest provocation of trouble. Why?


ELUCIDATION: Utopia takes control, and control is born from examples.


INQUISITION: Why is it you do not take the time to learn what troubles these criminals instead of immediate punishment?


ELUCIDATION: Not everyone is troubled. Some have mere vendettas that are uncontrollable due to lack of common sense. The typical criminal has a lust for splendor, whether it's financial, physical, or mental. Through process of elimination the greedy are filtered and removed.


INQUISITION: You were just earlier speaking of the individual. Yet those who act out according to their own desires are sentenced to victimization. It is not my place to question such things, but why do we punish those that are free of will? Why doesn't this result in dystopia ?


ELUCIDATION: A central governing system must have a peaceful majority. If the general population is violent or disorganized, anarchy is sure to follow. It is imperative that misbehaviors are retaliated against, otherwise alignment is thrown. Constitution is everything! Never mind the ethics of crime! The sheer existence of deregulation knocks down the building blocks of society.


INQUISITION: Yet wouldn't anarchy be preferred if free will was promised?


ELUCIDATION: Not if I force them back into order with the power I grasp.


INQUISITION: Only a fools tries to find peace among war.


ELUCIDATION: I'm here to be questioned, not insulted. This interview has come to an end, if I'm not mistaken.


End transmission.

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