The Blood Demon And his Minion

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the terrifying reality of what happens when you discover a beings true nature.

Submitted: June 27, 2014

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Submitted: June 27, 2014



Allen is a mysterious person even more so now than in the past. For the gloomy day that has just taken place has brought on something he has to be even more cautious with than his little secret which may not even be a secret to some. Unbeknownst to him his pesky little neighbor Thomas has stumbled upon some information that could prove keeping Allen's secret a secret a little tricky if he figures out that it all connects to him. Good thing for Allen, Thomas is no detective and has no idea just what he has to bargain with.....

See Allen leads a secret life which he prides himself on believing no one but himself and his four fathers before him have any information on. If word of his secret life were to get out his day to day life could get just a little tougher to go through. so if Thomas knew what he has his current situation could get either a little easier or it could become quite deadly if only there were away...

Just at that moment Thomas realized a simple but very informative detail of Allen that could only mean one thing .Allen was exactly the thing he had been reading about and now with no one to save him and not a single person in his life that would take notice enough of his being gone for so long to think to report him missing. Thomas was left here alone in a very large house with a pursuer of human blood but this couldn’t possibly be true vampires weren’t real just something some demented writer wrote about to feed his deranged crowd of fans.....

Yet somehow this reasoning was not stopping the cool chills racing down his spine resulting in his body’s current shaky position. It was in this moment that he realized it was very real and Allen in the same instance realized that his neighbor had just realized something that would send any sane person into the exact same state of terror that Thomas seemed to be in at this very moment.....

Thus beginning the most terrifying and on edge conversation in Thomas’s 26 years of life. Well Thomas it seems we find ourselves in a very awkward position. You seem to know something that in your current lively state I cannot let you leave here knowing as it could ruin my whole afterlife. What do you suppose I am to do about this? Well you could let me leave I wouldn’t tell anyone I swear. Oh Thomas I wish it were that simple however people are not stupid they will realize your sudden terrified state you enter when near me……………………………………………………………..




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