Fat knights might have been
Fat heroes would have never fit in
But dragons were giants
and villains were tougher...

A  letter  from  piggy  to iggy


Like  the  softness  of  gum balls  between my  teeths,

Like  the  sweet taste  of  candies in mymouth

like  the  wetness of sweat  dripping  down  my cheeks

I know  we are meant  for  each  other

Like  the  softness  of  the  gas  passing  out  my  posterior

like  the  sweet feeling  of  a  wel  stuffed  belly

like  the  wetness  on  my  well sucked thumb

I know  we  were  meant  for  each  other

Mondays  may come

Mondays  may  pass

School  may  be

School may  burn!

They  may  call us  cows  and  pigs

They may drown!

For gym  class  and  sports  may break our  soft  bones

But their  rotten  words may only  bruise our hearts


Like  the  sweetness  of  pork  slipping  down  my throat

like  the  soft  hugs  and kisses  from  my  mum

like  a  loud  burp  after  a hearty  meal

I know  we  were  here for  each  other

Fat knights might  havenever  been

Fat  heroes  would  have  never  fit in

But  dragons  were  giants  and villains  were  tougher


with  two  fat lonely  hearts  finally  joined  together

There  would  be  a  bigger  heart

And  if  the  world  cant hold  our  weights  anymore?

We  will always  be as  light  as  feathers  in  space.


We could get our own  fat  galaxy

far away  from this  rude  world.




Submitted: October 16, 2015

© Copyright 2023 George Benson Ani. All rights reserved.