what do you suppose would be the last thing to leave the earth....

A transparent cocoon incasing its inhabitant, hanging from the tip of a sharp rusty metal jutting out of the charred earth,,jerked, as its tip begane to crack.The cracks moving in three different directions up its sides.

 A little pink dome shaped face peeked out of the hole on the cocoon. It paused, then begane a slow job of wiggling out of the cocoon, the hole widened slowly as its occupants fat mass pushed through.It dropped on the charred surface of the earth without a sound.At first it paused, Then suddenly jack-knifed in a U form.It never moved again. So, went the last life on earth

  A dull red dying sun stared down at the last life form on earth, reaching down with rays like long arms. In the last moments, everything was peace in it self. Then......

  The earth went BOOM!

Submitted: October 08, 2015

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