Orpheus Looks Back

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Michael is a young man of Greek origin born and living in Cairo, Egypt. He travels to the USA to attend a high caliber college but is emotionally and scholastically unprepared for his studies. He is young and homesick and spends much of his time with a distant cousin who lives in the same city. Through him he gets to know a beautiful Italian girl called Lisa and promptly falls in love with her. Unfortunately, he flunks out of college and has to abandon her and return to his family in Cairo to enter the family business. Three years later, while dining with a friend he sees Lisa leaving the restaurant accompanied by a swarthy man and entering a chauffeured limousine. He chases them with his car, tracks them down and manages to talk with her. She is now married with an Arab multi-millionaire and they are on their way to his country. He warns her that her life there will not be easy and a few months later receives an SOS from her telling him that her life is unbearable and her husband refuses to let her go. Michael who is still in love with her, sets about to rescue her.

Through this common and uninspiring plot you shall read a well written and very tender love story that takes place in the US and Cairo and gives the authentic atmosphere of the city in the late sixties as well as many interesting facts and facets of the local culture and mentalities.

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Submitted: December 20, 2011

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