The Adventures of TeddyB

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Book one of three, a childrens story collection based on characters on the river

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011





Book 1 - Living the Dream

Book 2 – The Journey

Book 3 – Lazy Days


Book 1 – Living the Dream


Whowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww –

Where am I, who am I, I can’t see!


The voice said, “Calm down, you’re not wired and you are a no-name”.

“Who are you” I asked? Are you friendly, because I’m frightened!


The sparky man comes to do the wires, said the voice, he will switch you on so you can see. I am just here, I see everyone come and go, so you are safe with me. Anyway sparky is here so just keep calm and wait.


Time seemed to be endless as Teddy B waited patiently, he was frightened but had to put his new found trust in the “just here” person and then “ping” Teddy B opened his beautiful new eyes wide and wider with amazement, to a whole new world.


“I’m a boat” he shrieked in surprise, his big bright navigation lights shone with pride as he looked around to rest his eyes on “just here”. “Are you just here?” he asked his neighbour, “I told you, I’m always here” came the reply, “but that is your name, you told me” retorted Teddy B indignantly. The little plastic boat, next to him roared with laughter so much that his fenders shook, “you are so funny and new, big boat” answered the little plastic boat, “my name is Cookie, but no one wants me anymore, because I am old”.


“Will anyone want me?” asked Teddy B, “you are lucky” said Cookie, “you have new owners”.

“What are owners?” asked Teddy B with a lot of reservation, “they are men persons and woman persons, who buy you”, said Cookie with an air of restlessness.

“Are owners like parents?” asked Teddy B, Cookie replied, “No not at all, owners buy you but parents love you!”. With that Teddy B closed his navigation lights and fell into a worried sleep, constantly disturbed by Cookie’s loud snoring which rattled his neglected, plastic hull.


As Teddy B opened his eye lights, the first thing that he saw was the beautiful dawn. Cookie was just snoozing, pretending to be fast asleep, obviously not in talking mode today! All was quiet apart from the sounds of the breeze, rustling the trees softly and the sound of the blackbird welcoming the new day. For some time Teddy B watched the day unfold graciously, he tried to see his new smart body, trying to focus his eye lights anyway but forward, without success, all he could see was his pointy nose which Cookie called his “bow nose”, bottle green and shiny!


Suddenly he heard voices, deep voices and lady voices, there were men and women persons coming his way. He held his bow nose up proudly as the lady person stroked him gently. She looked kind and caring but why was she here? Cookie awoke with such vengeance that he seriously startled Teddy B, “the man person and woman person, they are your new owners” he whispered, leaning over so far that he almost slipped off his trailer, Teddy B’s bow nose recoiled as far as his steel would flex, “owners”, what was to become of him, was he to be a slave?

Another man person strode officially up to the group carrying a thick book of papers, shiny jangly keys and a pen that looked as plastic as Cookie and as yellow as his aged and neglected white body.

Teddy B watched with eager eye lights as the persons shook hands and exchanged frivolities. As the official man person walked away, the man person and lady person approached Teddy B, closely inspecting every inch of his impossible to see, with forward eye lights, body. The lady person touched Teddy B gently again, resting her hand on his bow nose as she spoke – “you are beautiful Teddy B and we love you!

I looked proudly at Cookie, these were not owners, I had parents, because they loved me!


The next day was filled with frantic activity in the boat yard, Cookie looked very envious as person after person came to bring gifts for Teddy B who felt quite sorry for him in a way, but would still be his friend no matter what, Teddy B had decided!

A man person arrived, he stood back looking at Teddy B intently as he studied the sides that Teddy B could not see, TB felt uneasy as he looked at Cookie, “he is the no-name person” said Cookie. TB looked at Cookie blankly, just at that moment a tickling sensation rippled Teddy B’s side, so much that his bow nose curled up, Cookie laughed mockingly, “he is giving you your name” Cookie shouted, so loudly that everyone and everything stopped what they were doing and turned around to look, there in splendid rainbow colours was the name – Teddy B.


By lunch time, TB was exhausted with the activity, new curtains, furniture, a square thing with a round window that ate person clothes, bedding, plates, pots and pans and most of all a black and very heavy thing that heated up so much that it made TB’s stern bottom very warm and cosy. Smoke curled playfully out of his new black and silver chimney, even Cookie looked impressed.

All the persons had disappeared to TB’s relief as he was very ready for a rest. “They have all gone for dinner” said Cookie in answer to Teddy B’s obvious thoughts, “what is dinner” TB asked, is it a place? “it is what the persons do every day” replied Cookie, “they stick food down their face holes, a bit like we gobble up fuel and water, it keeps them afloat”. “Do we have dinner?” asked Teddy B, “only when they drop crumbs” replied Cookie.

Teddy B closed his eye lights in confusion, sometimes Cookie was so strange!




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