Monday Morning

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A short bit of a thing I'm working on. I don't know where to go from here, and I'm a bit rusty (read: bad at this), but hopefully I'll actually finish it. Hope you like (or, rather, don't hate) it! Feedback is very much appreciated.

Submitted: September 07, 2008

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Submitted: September 07, 2008



Raindrops ran down the windows, leaving thin streaks only to be fogged up moments later. A girl in a hoodiecuddled up against the vinyl seat of the bus, lost in the sweet music pulsing through her earbuds. She gazed out the window plaintively, as if she wanted something to happen, as if the rain outside could pull her away into the clouds if she just wanted it enough. The bus heaved to one side, and a few shrieks and a bit of laughter bubbled up above the ruckus of high schoolers conversations.

She had no friends on the bus.

There was one guy she vaguely knew, a few seats in front of her.But he was funny looking, 2 years older, and his mom, she knew, was terrifying.

Yeah. Like she was going to talk to him.

She was scarcely conscious as to when the bus rolled to a stop. She barely registered that the bus lurched forward a minute later. But she DID noticed when something shaped like a person landed in her lap with a surprised cry, waking her out of her daze.

“Argh!” the thing yelled.

“EAAH!” the girl shouted. A few people paused to laugh at her before returning to their oh-so-much-more-important conversations.

The thing, that happened to be a boy of about 15, was flailing about. His hip was wedged between the seats, and his ear was in her lap. He muttered something, and then heaved himself up, almost on to the seat.

Thump! He tumbled into her lap. Again.

“Sorry! I’m sorry!”he laughed as he turned upward to face the incredulous eyes staring back at him.

It wasn’t really a question.
They both knew each other, and they knew they knew each other, even if only distantly. She was on rather good terms with his mother. He had talked to her once during the summer, hadn’t he?
In lieu of a response, she hastily lugged him on the seat beside her.
This was the first time in a while that it had been taken.
“Thanks. Sorry about that.” He smiled awkwardly.
Cecily shrugged. “Eh. S’ok. Stuff falls on me all the time.”
She failed to mention that this ‘stuff” did not usually include people.
He looked at her. His smile remained, but something about his eyes changed. They portrayed something different now. Could it be concern?
“Er...are you okay.”
“I’m fine. Are you?”
“Uh, yep.”
It was then that their short exchange was overtaken by the throes of the surrounding roar.
She stared down her knees. He rubbed the back of his neck.

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